10 Benefits of Positive Thinking – The Best & Most Powerful Effects

Let’s take a look at the 10 benefits of positive thinking and consider the advantages it brings to our children’s lives. We all know positive thinking is important, useful and desirable but it is really good to be able to clarify why that is.


10 benefits of positive thinking

    1. Positive thinking is contagious so suddenly you have cheerleaders rather than naysayers around you.
    2. It can help you feel happier because you are looking at the sunny side of things.
    3. Positive thinking helps you feel capable because you are looking at solutions more than problems.
    4. It helps you not give up because you feel certain things will work out so are willing to give it one more go.
    5. When you think positively you are goal focussed rather than obstacle focussed and this keeps you on track.
    6. Science shows that people who think more positively live longer and feel better than those who don’t. There are many health benefits of positive thinking.
    7. Positive thinkers are more fun to be around so tend to have more and better friendships
    8. Positive thinking reduces stress because you are not dwelling on negativity when you focus on positivity
    9. Positive thinking removes your sense of being a victim and offers you choice and control it makes you feel stronger.
    10. Positive thinking motivates others and leads to powerful role modelling.

These 10 Benefits of Positive Thinking show why it is well worth cultivating both for you and your family.


10 Benefits of Positive Thinking

A Positive Attitude and Positive Thinking will almost always determine the level of our success in life.

Attitude is never a replacement for ability but without a proper attitude nothing of significance can ever be accomplished.

Attitude is simply an inner pattern of personal belief. Beliefs that either helps us to grow as individuals or hold us back from becoming more than we currently are. If we do not believe that we can make changes to our lives, we will not attempt change. Our inner beliefs will either lift us up or hold us back in our daily living.


A Positive Attitude is our greatest asset – 10 Benefits of Positive Thinking

Positive attitude can be our greatest asset when dealing with any situation in life. However, this is not a pie in the sky kind of thinking. Rather, a positive attitude develops a never say die or never give up spirit within people. There are many amazing things that are accomplished by people with positive attitudes People will always be able to do more and become more when they have a positive mental attitude.


Positive emotions

It’s not just a case of feeling happy there and re many positive emotions out there and we need to be aware of them, seek them, notice themn and name them. What we focus on grows bugger so look out for these 100 positive emotions! and if you spor  them in your experience then enjoy and celebrate their existence. if you don’t sport them seek them!

100 positive emotions

  1. Joy
  2. Happiness
  3. Love
  4. Excitement
  5. Gratitude
  6. Contentment
  7. Serenity
  8. Hope
  9. Euphoria
  10. Bliss
  11. Amazement
  12. Enthusiasm
  13. Optimism
  14. Delight
  15. Satisfaction
  16. Wonder
  17. Awe
  18. Inspiration
  19. Pride
  20. Fulfillment
  21. Ecstasy
  22. Laughter
  23. Playfulness
  24. Anticipation
  25. Cheerfulness
  26. Warmth
  27. Empathy
  28. Compassion
  29. Kindness
  30. Generosity
  31. Appreciation
  32. Excitement
  33. Thrill
  34. Wonderment
  35. Curiosity
  36. Fascination
  37. Amusement
  38. Comfort
  39. Peacefulness
  40. Tranquility
  41. Serenity
  42. Trust
  43. Confidence
  44. Exhilaration
  45. Relief
  46. Jubilation
  47. Wonder
  48. Awe-inspiring
  49. Enchantment
  50. Pride
  51. Admiration
  52. Reverence
  53. Gratefulness
  54. Affection
  55. Tenderness
  56. Nurturing
  57. Playfulness
  58. Excitement
  59. Eagerness
  60. Enthusiasm
  61. Motivation
  62. Fulfilled
  63. Accomplished
  64. Inspired
  65. Arousal
  66. Passion
  67. Zeal
  68. Elation
  69. Rapture
  70. Thrill
  71. Blissful
  72. Satisfied
  73. Radiant
  74. Lively
  75. Vibrant
  76. Overjoyed
  77. Appreciative
  78. Amused
  79. Inquisitive
  80. Animated
  81. Devoted
  82. Pleased
  83. Rejuvenated
  84. Playful
  85. Buoyant
  86. Gracious
  87. Supportive
  88. Fondness
  89. Excited
  90. Spirited
  91. Exuberance
  92. Awe-struck
  93. Charmed
  94. Fulfilled
  95. Upbeat
  96. Impressed
  97. Delighted
  98. Zestful
  99. Giddy
  100. Enraptured

We cope better with stressful life events and have a reduced ruisk of negative self talk if we full ourselves up with positive thoughts and a positive outlook. We don’t and musnt deny our other emotions but we absiolutely MUST give  space for the good stuff.


Positivity Poems for a positive mindset – 10 Benefits of Positive Thinking

Some kids learn best through storytelling and positivity poems area wonderful way to engage kids in developing a positive mindset.


People Rarely Rise Above Their Attitude

Our attitude becomes a lid on the level of our success. The higher or more positive our attitude becomes the more likely we are to achieve success and the opposite is also true. The lower of more negative our attitude becomes the less likely we are to achieve success. We sabotage ourselves and we give up. The same is true of kids.

People will live up to their high or low expectations in life and often never find the means to rise above the level of their limited attitude. The saying that attitude determines our altitude in life is more often true.


10 Benefits of Positive Thinking

10 Benefits of Positive Thinking

Negative Thinking Leads To Failure that’s why we need to look at 10 Benefits of Positive Thinking

Thoughts always influence our actions and behaviour. People often give up on pursuing their dreams simply because they have lost the will and the desire to do so. Most likely, negative thinking or negative influences have led to the decision. The more negative we become in life, the higher the chance that we will continually experience personal failures.

Developing a negative attitude will also force people into a stop trying mentality and they give up when they come face to face with failure. A positive attitude is necessary for facing short term setbacks when pursuing long term goals.


The advantages of positive thinking

Becoming a more positive person will raise our level of success not because it changes our abilities. Positive attitude changes our chances for success because it changes the manner in which we think. As people think, they also behave and live.


How to encourage a positive attitude in Kids

The following ins an extract form my book Create your own confidence and encourages kids to be positive through concrete and clear examples and evidence based research.


How to encourage a positive attitude in Kids

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right, – henry ford


There are many thing I can ‘t do that I would like to be able to do, 

I cannot bring my Grandad back to life, 

I can’t go back to being 6 again and

I can’t ride a unicycle

But I can put up photos of my lovely grandad and remember happy times with him. 

Perhaps I  can play games from my childhood to remember how it felt to be 6 

I can learn to ride a unicycle. With a lot of practice.

See what I did there? 

I turned my I cant’s into I cans, The ‘I can’ts’ made me feel a little sad and frustrated but they ‘I can’s were much more positive and made me feel happier and more excited.

When you say ‘I can’t’ nothing happens and you get stuck , but when you say I can it usually leads you to taking positive action.


How it works

Psychologist  Angela Duckworth believes it is passion (being excited about what we want to achieve) and perseverance (hard work)  that will lead us to success.

This is useful to know because these are things you can control. So if you want something to be happy focus on your  goal and get to work! 


How to switch your I can’t 

Rather than saying I can’t and giving up try asking yourself this question 


What do I need to succeed?

Maybe you need to ….

  • Eat first
  • Rest for a bit
  • Practice again
  • Think about it differently 
  • Ask for help 
  • Get a new coach
  • Involve a friend
  • Try a new way of doing something
  • Practice gratituide


Activity – Yes you can 

Write down two you can’t do yet. 1 small thing and 1 big thing 

Using the list above decide what you need to succeed at your small thing and write you plan. Now give at go! When you have practiced putting your I can attitude to work and succeeded give your big thing a go. 

You can use this list every time you get stuck and add to it too.  Being able to do something or not is all about how you look at it 


You might also like to tale a look at my post on growth mindset quotes for students.


To sum up the 10 Benefits of Positive Thinking


Have a listen to this great TED talk to discover more about this important mindset. Looking on the bright side in your daily life will help you developing coping skills for the times you encounter a difficult situation

Negative thoughts, negative emotions and even a negative outlook can all be faced, fronted and challenged.  Stress levels can be reduced. You can become a positive thinker with a positive mindset. It is possible to change.


Why is a positive attitude so important? And why should we seek the 10 Benefits of Positive Thinking

Positive attitudes become our most important asset in life and a Positive attitudes allow us to rise above our circumstances in life.

Negative attitudes often lead us to failure. Attitude will help us rise to new levels in life or sink to in depths of despair. How is your attitude? Change your outlook on life  and elevate your stress management


The best 10 benefits of positive thinking are SO worth taking on board.

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