10 Big Advantages of Television for Kids

Let’s take a look today at the advantages of television for kids.

Whilst there are many negative associations regarding allowing children to watch television, there are also benefits, too. Like everything in life, a healthy balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Providing television time for children is monitored it can provide benefits. Knowing the limitations and being sensible is the way to ensure that children get the most out of watching television.

Here are some of the Advantages of Television for Kids :


Advantages of Television for kids

Advantages of Television for kids

Tv has advantages for kids of all ages lets take a look at the top 10.


Educational shows

Nowadays there are many educational shows that are designed for children that are fun and engaging. They revolve around learning and introducing new ideas to educate children. There’s a variety of shows that educate children on a number of subjects such as cooking, art, numbers and learning. Children can enjoy watching their favorite shows whilst learning about all manner of things. In addition, there are factual programs that children can enjoy watching, too, which open a new world of discovery.


Sparks interest

Watching television can spark new interests in children and introduce them to new and exciting concepts. These ideas and interests may not have been discovered without television. Children can become aware of what makes them tick and what motivates them to want to learn more about a subject. In addition, it can bring a new dimension to family time where shows can be enjoyed together and further explored and discussed to provide a springboard to new learning opportunities.


Further education 7 the Advantages of Television for Kids

Children shows are more geared towards educating and teaching children than what they once were. Providing the right shows are being viewed that are age-appropriate, they can help to further educate a child. Learning is always extended through fun, and children absorb more information when it is engaging. More interest can be generated in learning if a favorite T.V characters is exploring a subject. This can entice children to want to learn more and get involved with the subject.

Advantages of Television for Kids

Exploring new places

The television can take children on an adventure to new lands where they get to discover different parts of the world. Whilst visiting different places through television, different cultures can be explored which can give a good understanding of the world. Being able to escape to far-off lands and explore new places is always exciting, even when it is through watching television.

Stretching imagination

Children have great imaginations which can be developed further with the correct use of television. Providing the content is strictly monitored and T.V is limited to allow children to be able to play and learn in different ways, television can only add to, and enhance a child’s fun and learning. Favourite shows may be re-enacted and adapted by children who enjoy pretending to be their favourite television character, which is a great way to expand their imaginations.


Benefits of TV for kids – Socially bonding

Kids often talk about what they have seen on TV, characters, plots , dramatic twists , actors and such like with heir peers and the shared experience of following the same show can lead to enhanced social bonding through ease of conversation

Relaxing & Advantages of Television for Kids

TV can be watched passively and allow bodies and minds to relax unlike PS$ or Xbox games that require busy brain engaging screen times that also require the body to stay tensed and alert.


Increases empathy

Seeing other people lives, their stories, personalities, circumstances, situations and problems can be a wonderful way to build empathy and help children see a bigger world but also to care about that world and the people in it.



Family Fun Time in one of the BEST Advantages of Television for Kids

We like to sit and watch a quiz show with our teens. takes just 30 mins but is a fun way to bring us all together , it is competitive and funny and fun and a lovely ay to just be together without homework, chores or life admin getting in  the way. Do check what is on rather watching mindlessly though.

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It can change their mood

In my book Create Your Own Happy  my wellbeing activity book for kids I discuss a myriad of ways in which kids can change their mood and  in it I actually suggest  they watch  something funny on TV to make them laugh and lift their spirits.




Advantages of Television for Kids – final thoughts

Television can have great benefits providing it is not overused and the content is monitored. Like everything in life, a healthy balance is the way forward. Keep television time restricted and monitored to allow for other activities to enable a child to flourish and grow healthily and happily.


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