10 Best Musical Instrument Family Games

Musical instrument family games are so much fun and a great way to encourage intergenerational play which of course increases bonding, Musical instrument family games can also be both entertaining and educational for children and adults alike. And of course we know when i comes to raising emotionally healthy kids play matters.

Here are ten engaging games cantered around musical instrument loving families:

Instrument Family Games

10 Musical Instrument Family Games

1. Instrument Sorting Game:

Gather pictures or actual instruments representing various families (strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion). Mix them up and have participants sort them into their respective groups as quickly as possible. You could use a timer and throw in a few obscure ones they might get wrong. Make this hard / easy dependent on age of those playing and muiscal knowledge and expertise.


2. Guess the Family:

Blindfold participants and play an instrument from a particular family. The blindfolded person has to guess which family the instrument belongs to based on its sound. (Of course do check they are comfortable being blindfolded as not everyone is) if playing this with younger children you might want to simply have them guess the instrument


3. Musical Instrument Bingo:

Create bingo cards with pictures or names of instruments from different families. Play various instrument sounds, and participants mark off the corresponding instrument on their card. The first to get a line or a full house wins!

These are super simple to make your self and are a nice creative thing for kids to make up on a rainy day.


4. Family Instrument Relay:

Divide players into teams representing instrument families. Place instruments at a distance from each team. Players from each team race to grab one of their family’s instrument and bring it back. The team to finish first wins.


5. Family Instrument games for the hole family – Charades:

Write down instrument names on separate cards. Participants pick a card and act out playing an instrument without making any sounds. Others guess the instruments being portrayed. Some will be much easier than other e.g drum but ones like oboe might be quite tricky so get a mix in there.


6. Instrument Family Pictionary:

Similar to charades but with drawing instead of acting. Players pick a card with an instrument on and other family members have to guiess which instrument it represesnts


7. Instrument Family Memory Game:

Create pairs of cards, each with a picture or name of an instrument Mix them up face down and take turns flipping over two cards at a time to find matching instruments. Again this is a lovely thing to create as a family too and would make for a lovely craft focused family time.


Instrument Family Games

8. Instrument Family Trivia Quiz:

Prepare a quiz with questions about different instruments. Include facts about famous instruments, their characteristics, and their place in orchestras or bands. Include famous musicians who played them too.

9. Family Instrument Orchestra Creation: ( my favourite of the Musical Instrument Family Games )

Assign different families to participants and have them create an imaginary orchestra. Each participant performs a sound representing their instrument , and together they compose an orchestral piece. You might want to record it on your phone too so you can all watch it back! If you have enough you could have a go at creating a real orchestra


10. Family Instrument Scavenger Hunt:

Hide pictures or small replicas of instruments around the house or yard. Provide clues related to them and participants search for and collect the instruments within a time limit.


These musical instrument family games not only entertain but also educate about the diverse families of musical instruments, fostering appreciation for music and its various components in an enjoyable way. Adjust the musical games according to the age group and interests of the participants for maximum engagement!

I have lots and lots more games ideas. Take a look at these gaming posts for inspo.

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