15 Best At Home Activities for Teens – No Screens No Boredom

Are you looking for at home activities for teens that avoid screen time?

If you’re hosting a party for a bored teenager in the summer vacation, middle of winter or on a rainy day–or if unexpected rain spoils your outdoor party planning–you need plenty of indoor games and fun things to keep the party rolling. Look for fun family activities that will help teenagers to interact as a group, so that no individual feels left out.

We will not focus on the classic card games, video games, a jigsaw puzzle or board games. They all are awesome ideas that provide quality time from the comfort of your own home.


At Home Activities for Teens

Here are a list of things teens and parents of teens will enjoy and offer the perfect opportunity for some indoor fun, learn a new skill, maybe a new hobby and a little bit of friendly competition.

At Home Activities for Teens

Gift Exchange Games Are Fun Activities

Ask each party guest to bring a small wrapped gift for a gift exchange. You can set a budget limit for the gifts, such as under $5 or $10, or ask guests to bring items from their closet, baked goods or homemade crafts. Have all the teens sit in a circle, and place the wrapped gifts in a pile in the center. You can proceed with the gift exchange in several different ways.

To play the traditional “Grinch Exchange” game, have one person start by selecting a present from the pile and unwrapping it. Then the person to her right can choose to “steal” the first player’s present or select a new one from the pile.

The game proceeds through the circle, with each new player choosing to steal an earlier player’s gift or select a new one. At the end of the game, the first player can choose to steal any other gift or keep her original one. You can also play the “Left-Right Gift Swap,” in which each player starts with a wrapped gift and then passes it to his left or right as a story full of the words “left” and “right” is read aloud.


Bag Of Nouns For A Great Time

This game for older kids combines popular classics such as Pictionary and charades for a good time. Have each party guest write down two or three nouns on different scraps of paper and place them all together in a bag or bowl. Divide the group into teams. In round one, teams take turns selecting one team member to draw nouns from the bag and describe them to her teammates. Her goal is to get her teammates to guess as many nouns as possible within the given time limit.

Then the other teams take their turns, until every teen has had a chance to describe nouns to his teammates. Play proceeds in the same manner in round two, except that players must get their teammates to guess the nouns by saying only one word. Players must be able to remember the nouns from round one to be able to guess them more easily.

In rounds three and four, younger children must get their teammates to guess the nouns based on drawings and then by acting and hand gestures. Teams get one point for each noun guessed, and the team with the most points at the end of four rounds wins.


Who Is The Most Observant? At Home Activities for Teens

Find out which party guest is the most observant with this sneaky game. Once all the teenagers have arrived, gradually pull one guest aside at a time to give each person an accessory or garment to don, such as a scarf, bracelet or belt. Once you have given something to each guest, hand out paper and writing utensils to every guest and announce the object of the game: to observe what item or accessory each guest is now wearing that she did not have on when she arrived. Give a prize for the guest with the most correct answers.


At-Home Crafts For Teens Are So Much Fun

Boredom strikes teens, especially during holiday and summer breaks. At-home craft projects supply a welcome diversion. Not only can your teen find something to pass the time, she can create an item that she can keep for her own use or give away as a gift.


Tie Dyed T-Shirt For Younger Kids

Create a tie-dyed T-shirt with a white or colored T-shirt, fabric dye, rubber bands and marbles. Mix the fabric dye as recommended in the product directions. Place rubber bands on the T-shirt according to the design you wish to make. Include one or more marbles secured by a rubber band to make circular designs. Dye the shirt for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with cold water. Remove rubber bands and marbles and allow the shirt to dry before wearing.


15 At Home Activities for Teens

Decorative Desk Accessories Are Boredom Busters

Obtain desktop items you’d like to decorate, such as an undecorated can, mini photo album and a picture frame. Cut feather boas into pieces long enough to wrap around each item. Hot glue the pieces to the items. Attach silk flowers or other decorative items to the boas with a hot glue gun.


Decoupage Sneakers

Decoupage a pair of canvas sneakers with colored tissue paper, decoupage solution and a foam brush. Tear the straight edges off of the the tissue paper and tear the remaining paper into jagged 1 inch pieces. Brush decoupage solution on the toe of the shoe with a foam brush. Position pieces of tissue paper around the toe on top of the solution. Overlap colors and pieces to adequately cover the canvas and create interest. Cover the section with a layer of decoupage solution before moving on to another area of the shoe. Continue decoupaging the shoe until you cover the entire canvas area. Allow the decoupage to dry and apply two or three more coats of solution, allowing for drying time in between.

CD Clock

Create a CD clock from an old compact disc, paint markers or pens, clock hardware and a metal washer. Color the CD with paint pens and add designs for decoration. Number the CD to resemble a clock. Add the clock hardware and attach it to the hole of the CD with a large metal washer on top.


Decorative Notebook – At Home Activities for Teens

Make a decorative notebook with colored construction paper, double-stick tape, stencils, markers, gel pens and contact paper. Choose a background color for the notebook and cut a piece of construction paper to fit the cover of the notebook. Attach it with double-stick tape. Trace various stencils onto different colors of construction paper and cut out the stencils with scissors. Attach the stencils to the background paper with double-stick tape. Decorate the stencils with markers and gel pens. Cover your creation with a clear piece of contact paper.


At-Home Science Experiments For Teens

There may be few better ways to keep your teen out of trouble than with an educational science experiment using household items you already have. Conducting these experiments gives you a chance to spend more time with your teen and you can even get the whole family involved too. Try to get your teen as enthusiastic and as involved as possible. It will make for a memorable learning experience.


A Fingerprint Experiment Is A Fun Activity

We inherit many things from our parents, but are fingerprints among them? All you will need to find out is: an inkpad, white paper, a magnifying glass and a family member. Make sure the index finger on the teen and family member is clean and dry then roll the index finger in the ink then onto the white paper. Repeat with the family member you have chosen then take the magnifying glass and have a look. Each fingerprint should be characterized as a whorl, arch, or loop pattern but fingerprints should not be the same as they are unique to each person.


Modern Fossil Experiment For Kids Of All Ages

Fossils tell us about life from a long time ago. To create a homemade ‘fossil’, get some clay and kneed it into a shape like a pancake. Gather old shells, leaves or bones and press your chosen item into the clay. Remove the object and fill the gap with PVA glue. Let it dry overnight, and then in the morning peel the glue out of the clay. You should be left with a fossil print. This experiment teaches how fossils are formed because the glue acts as the rock that rests on natural objects, preserving their shapes for millions of years.


Layered Liquid Experiment For Your Teen And Their Group Of Friends

This experiment teaches teens about liquid density. To start, gather clear glasses, honey, dishwashing liquid, water, vegetable oil, water, alcohol (rubbing alcohol will work best but gin or vodka etc. will be suitable) and food coloring. Start by pouring the honey into the glass.

Next, tip the glass slightly and pour the same amount of dishwashing liquid in. In separate glasses, mix a couple of drops of food coloring with water and a couple of drops of food coloring with the alcohol. Gently pour these mixtures in one by one and note what happens to them in terms of floating or sinking. Your results should show that the thickness or viscosity of each liquid will determine the position it has in the glass.


Egg Experiments Are The Best Indoor Activities

This experiment demonstrates the importance of air pressure. Start by hard-boiling an egg and allowing it to cool over 15 to 20 minutes. Next, rest the slimmer end of the egg in the neck of a glass bottle.

Shape a small piece of paper into a ball. Remove the egg from the neck of the bottle, pick the paper ball up with tweezers and light it. Drop the lit ball into the bottle and quickly put the egg back in its original place. The egg should get sucked into the bottle because the pressure outside the jar is much greater than the pressure inside.

As a parent of a teen, now is the perfect time to foster a good relationship and create lasting memories. Engaging in fun activities together is a great way to do this. Whether it’s exploring new hobbies, trying cool things, or discovering interesting places, finding activities that align with your teen’s interests can be the best way to bond and experience new things together.


Teen Book Club – At Home Activities for Teens

Have you teens and their friends read my books Be Happy Be You and Be Confident Be You then throw a pizza party to discuss what they have leanred. A great way to get kids reading and chatting about their mental health and great coping strategies




Camp out in the garden

I have tons of great teen camping game ideas here do pop over and take a look!



Screen free activities for pre-teens

Final thoughts  РAt Home Activities for Teen

At Home Activities for Teens can be great fun.  Encourage them to check out this list! and you can find even more here

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