15 Brilliant Ways to Spend Quality Time With Kids

Are you looking for ways to spend quality time with kids?

One thing that children wish for the most is their parents’ love and attention. It is therefore very important to spend time with kids everyday.



15 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Kids

Children crave for their parents’ attention all the time. But owing to work or a tight schedule, parents often intentionally or otherwise are not able to devote sufficient time to their children. It is crucial for a child to feel wanted and that feeling has to be cultivated by parents. This helps in developing a healthy bond between parents and kids.

Here are some ideas:

  1.  Watch a movie together
  2.  Take a walk
  3.  Bake together
  4.  Do chores together
  5. Go on a train journey
  6. Play a board game
  7. Learn a new skill together
  8. Kitchen disco
  9. Look at an old photo album together
  10. read the same book and chart about it
  11. Go out for summer just the 2 of you
  12. Go for a picnic
  13. Take a walk to see the sunset
  14. Plan a 1:1 day trip
  15. Take a drop down memory lane with them (physcially revisiting your past )

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Planning Time for Children

It is essential for parents to see that along with their work, their children also receive their attention. Hence, it is important to plan a chart where along with work, a parent also dedicates some quality time to her children. In order to spend time with children, parents don’t have to plan elaborate holidays with them. What matters to kids is the “the quality of time spent”, and “not quantity.” This represents “significant parental involvement.”


Ways to Strike up Rapport With a Kid

There are several ways in which parents can bond with their kids. It also depends on the child’s individual taste as to what will appeal to him/her the most. But a good beginning might be sit down with children and read out a story or a good book to them. Parents should try and read to their child everyday. It develops a child’s interest in reading. Also, it permits parents “to spend time together in an enjoyable way.” This helps in creating “a strong and healthy relationship”.


Keeping Some Slots Reserved for Kids

It is essential that parents keep aside some portions of their daily routine specially reserved for a proper interaction session with their children. It should be a special time zone when mom or dad listens only to his or her kids and not focus on any other household or work related issues. Having meals together could be be a good opportunity to bridge communication gaps with children.

Children are sensitive and want their parents to appreciate their presence in the family. It is therefore important for parents to create some time for their kids. Finding time for children is something that all parents must incorporate in their schedules. There are ample ways to bond with children and parents can experiment with different routines to eke out some time with their kids.


Ways to Spend Quality Time With Kids


Ways to Spend Quality Time With Kids – do you have any to add?


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