16 Best Christmas Crafts on TikTok

Looking for the best Christmas crafts on TikTok?

There is nothing that conjures up the festive spirit quite like blasting Christmas songs and getting creative with some homemade Christmas decorations, and with 1.2 billion views for #christmascrafts, TikTok is the go-to place for crafty inspiration this season.

The elves at Aura Print explored this year’s Christmas craft videos on TikTok to learn more about which DIY festive creations we’re loving in 2023.

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16 Best Christmas Crafts on TikTok

Festive craft TikTok views
DIY cotton bud snowflake 68.2 million
Layered paper snowflake decoration 29.2 million
Cardboard and yarn Christmas gnome 15.6 million
Mini pipe cleaner Christmas tree 14.6 million
Hanging paper Christmas decoration 11.9 million
DIY Christmas scene jar 8.5 million
Paper snowflake decoration 7.6 million
Laurel wreath pipe cleaner keychain 6.2 million
Cardboard and yarn Christmas tree 5 million
Clay cookie cutter tree decorations 3.6 million
DIY duster Christmas tree 2.4 million
Light up christmas stars 1.7 million
Origami mini Christmas tree 1.6 million
Mini origami wreath 1.5 million
Homemade dried orange garland 1.3 million
  1. DIY cotton bud snowflake – 68.2 million views

TikTok’s favourite Christmas craft video, with a huge 68.2 million views, demonstrates how to use simple cotton buds and wool to create a soft white snowflake decoration.

By bending and glueing the cotton buds into a snowflake structure, and wrapping around the white yarn of your choice, you can create a quick, unique decoration. By simply adding a loop of string, you can hang it on the tree with ease!


  1. Layered paper snowflake decoration – 29.2 million views

Another Christmas craft sensation on TikTok with 29.2 million views, is a demonstration showing a fun new take on paper snowflake decorations.

Definitely a step up from the traditional method of simply folding one piece of paper and cutting a pattern at random, this craft involves using three pieces of paper folded and cut into intricate snowflakes, each smaller than the last. Once layered on top of one another, this creates a beautiful, dimensional snowflake decoration.


  1. Cardboard and yarn Christmas gnome – 15.6 million views

With 15.6 million views, this homemade Christmas gnome is another festive craft going viral on TikTok this year.

By taking a slice of a cardboard craft roll, or toilet roll centre, and carefully weaving yarn around, you can create an adorable winter hat. Then, once the hat is stuffed with cotton wool balls, you can add a nose and beard and your Christmas gnome is complete.


  1. Mini pipe cleaner Christmas tree – 14.6 million views

Another TikTok favourite in the world of Christmas crafts this year, with 14.6 million views, is this mini Christmas tree made from pipe cleaners.

By bending small pieces of green craft pipe cleaners and glueing them to a paper cone centre, you can create a miniature Christmas tree. This TikTok even demonstrates how to create a base, mini candy cane decorations, and a star tree topper.


  1. Hanging paper Christmas decoration – 11.9 million views

With 11.9 million views, TikTok is loving this festive paper craft.

Taking small strips of festively coloured paper (red and green is used in this TikTok) and creating small loops, then glueing them together at their points and adding a decorative centre, gives you a fun and easy, flower-like Christmas decoration!


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