5 best activities to do with your children this summer holiday

Are you wondering what activities to do with your children this summer holiday?

Summer is just around the corner, and with the 6 weeks holiday coming up, you might be wondering how to keep your children occupied and happy through the holidays. To help you do just that, we’ve got some fantastic, original ideas lined up for you…

Six weeks of no school can seem like a long time, especially if you haven’t got a trip away planned, or money is tight. Equally, keeping children entertained whilst juggling parenting life and a job, can seem like a challenge. But below we’ve got some ways for you to spend some quality time with your children over the summer, whilst enjoying the weather, too. Even if you’re working, these activities will give your children plenty of joy throughout the holidays!


Activities to do with your children this summer holiday

This blog, 10 Awesome Outdoor Nature Games For Kids also has some fun, free ideas for children to do in the summer.


  1. Create an obstacle Course

We all know, it can be an easy option to stay in and enjoy the comfort of the sofa. But, six weeks of sitting isn’t beneficial for children’s bodies and minds. If you’re wanting to encourage your children to remain active throughout the holidays then completing an obstacle course always guarantees some fun. You could attend a pre-set course near you, or create your own fun in your back garden, or local park. This Activity Puzzle Course could help your children on the way to making their own course, or they could use items such as hoops, beanbags or rope to make their own from scratch.

These outdoor activity cards also have some fantastic outdoor activity ideas for children, such as exercises, challenges and throwing balls with friends.

  1. Camping – either away or in the back garden

If it’s good weather, camping can be such a fun and memorable experience for children. It encourages independence and team working skills. You can have the chance to create core memories with them by putting up tents, making fires and roasting marshmallows together! You could go to a campsite for a family holiday, or make it just as fun and special by having a camping night in your own back garden. This is a cheaper alternative to staying away on a campsite, and is just as fun.

If you do choose to camp away, you could use these camping activities for some inspiration on how to spend your trip. Equally, if you choose to camp with your little ones in the garden, using these camping I-spy sheets you can engage them and make it extra fun. This camping themed-activity resource has some garden-friendly ideas so your children can really feel like they’re out camping in the wilderness!

Another great activity to do when you’re camping is star gazing. Star gazing could be such an exciting experience for your children. As well as being educational, they can enjoy naming all the different stars and seeing the constellations. This constellation spotting checklist is a lovely way to see if you can see any of the constellations together.


  1. Make ice cream/Make ice lollies

The long school holidays are always a great time to teach children skills, such as cooking or baking. So, in the summer heat, why not take some time to make ice cream? It is the treat of the summer, after all. You could use this easy-peasy ice cream recipe which is a basic way to introduce children to baking with easy-to-follow instructions.

If your children prefer ice lollies and you would like something quicker, then this summer ice lollies recipe-pack is a great alternative.


  1. Have a beach day

When the sun’s out, there’s nothing quite like a day at the beach. It’s a cheap and cheerful day out and perfect for families. With countless things to do, such as crab catching, shell hunting, swimming, eating ice cream and sandcastle building, you can’t go wrong.

This beach scavenger hunt checklist is such an enjoyable activity for your children. Scavenging for different items around the beach will be sure to pique their interest! If you’re looking for something more relaxing for the kids, these summer colouring pages are a perfect way for them to relax and wind down, and you can have fun doing it with them, too.


  1. Plant plants

It’s season of flowers, trees, and anything green! Planting flowers or plants together can be a wonderful way to bond with your children and keep their minds engaged, as well as stengthen their motor and hand eye coordination skills. Ease them into gardening slowly by allowing them to choose the flower they want to plant. This planting seeds resource pack is a great place to begin their planting journey, as it explains the best and easiest ways to plant seeds. If they’re struggling to choose a plant of their own, this tomato seed fact sheet is also an easy guide to planting the perfect tomato plants together.


We hope you have found these summer suggestions helpful and have found something for you and your family to enjoy together. We hope you have a wonderful summer!


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