5 Beautiful Mother’s Day Crafts To Do With Your Children

This year’s Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate the special mother figures in our lives, whether that be your mum, step-mum or grandma. It’s down to us to make them feel special!


Mother’s Day Crafts


And how can you do this, you might ask. One way is to give them something they will love and cherish. We know Mother’s Day isn’t just about gifts, but it can be nice to show someone you love your appreciation through something special. We also know it can be hard to get organised when life gets busy. You may be super prepared and have something memorable lined up for your mum from your children, or you may be struggling to find the time to make plans and buy something. But what’s more special and memorable than your children creating homemade gifts? If you’re a father looking for some thoughtful and easy Mother’s Day crafts for your children to make, or you’re a mum wanting to support your children in making their grandma or auntie (or even yourself!) some special crafts, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to discover how you can make Mother’s Day special.

  1. A basket filled with her favourite things

Something to make a mum or grandma feel extra special this Mother’s Day could be a basket filled of their favourite things. Sure, you could go out and buy a basket, but making one from scratch means you can add your child’s personal touch. Making a paper plate basket is the easiest one to make. Just grab some paper plates, scissors, glue, some pens and get to work. Cut and stick the edge of one paper plate into the middle of another whole paper plate and you’ve got it! Your child can then decorate it to their choosing. Why not add the words, Mother’s Day to the pouch? Now to fill the basket. Maybe one of their favourtie things is chocolate, or a photograph or their favourite trip, or maybe even a homemade voucher, or one for their favourite shop? Keeping it small and thoughtful is the most effective with this craft. However you choose to fill your basket, it’s sure to go down a treat!


  1. A homemade card

It’s always so special receiving a card from a loved one, especially when you know they’ve gone through the effort of making it! Encourage your child to put their creativity to use and create a beautiful Mother’s Day card.

All you’ll need is some white or coloured card, some pens pencils and glue. You could cut out flowers and stick them on the front, or go through a magazine with your child and find some pictures of their mother’s or grandmother’s favourite things? They could stick these to the front of their card and create a colourful Mother’s Day banner for the front. You can also help your child write their very own message in the card, too.


  1. A special painting

Children of all ages can take part in this craft. Creating a homemade painting for mum or grandma to frame is a wonderful way to show love and appreciation. With your support, they may want to paint their favourite things about their mother, or incorporate their mum’s favourite colours. Children can feel free to enjoy using their artistic skills to make this craft, even younger ones. Maybe younger children could make a finger painting? It’s so easy to create and you could even help them by writing out the word “mum” in bubble writing for them to fill in. For slightly older children, creating a typography collage could be a fun and slightly more challenging activity for them. By going through magazines, your child could find any flowers or rainbows or pets and cut them out to stick on the collage.


  1. A Mother’s Day Crown

It’s not everyday that people get to wear crowns, unless they’re from royalty! You could make a mum feel like royalty by making them their own Mother’s Day crown. This one is a very simple and easy craft, too. Start off with cutting some card in a strip and then join the ends to create a circle (make sure you’ve got some measurments for their head!). A crown can then be drawn on the front in whichever colour your child likes. Or, if they’re feeling even more creative, they may want to stick coloured tissue paper to the crown or experiment with different textures, such as using beads or sequins. Make sure she knows she’s the queen for the day!


  1. A flower bouquet

The best thing about homemade flowers? They last a lot longer than the real ones! If your special someone loves flowers, then encouraging your child to create some homemade paper flowers could be a great gift. A flower bouquet will look fabulous on display in their house or as an addition to their office. To make a flower bouquet, it may be easier to use a template, or if you’re feeling up for the challenge, you can follow instructions to make your own. Your child will be able to personalise the bouquet to their mother’s favourite colours or their mother’s favourite flower. It’s a memorable gift and can be treasured forever. If you have younger children and you’re looking for something a little easier, why not try creating a paper wall rosette which they can personalise with a heartfelt message. This is still a wonderful gift to give and one that can be cherished for years to come.

You’ve reached the end of this blog, but we hope you’re feeling inspired to create something wonderful for Mother’s Day. Getting creative is a great way to bond with children and encourage them to explore their imagination. Happy crafting


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