5 Best Ways To Get Organised For Back To School

How To Get Organised For Back To School – are you wondering?

Uh oh. The dreaded first day of school is approaching. Although there may be some excitement surrounding going back to school, after a wonderful summer holiday, it can be hard for parents and children alike to get back into a structured routine again. No more lay-ins, no more late nights and let’s be honest, a lot less spontaneity. Particularly for parents, trying to get organised for the back-to-school rush can feel especially challenging.

You may feel a lot of pressure to make your child’s transition from holiday to school seamless. But, there are some ways in which you can make sure you and your child feel prepared for school again. We’ve rounded up some ideas below to help you feel organised for heading back to school, which in turn will help your children feel calm and comfortable with the thought of term starting.


Get Organised For Back To School

  1. Have A Structured Bedtime Routine

You wouldn’t think it, but late nights on repeat can have a real impact on children’s concentration and thinking. That’s why it’s important to get into a structured, early-night routine. You can do this however you see fit, but one thing that may help is having a visual timetable to help your children familiarise themselves with steps before bedtime. Having something visual is helpful and easy for your children to follow. This getting ready-for-bed visual timetable is a great place to start if you’re unsure how to begin a routine. There is also one for girls which you can check out!

Another helpful tip is setting a “lights out” time, or a specific time each night that electronics need to be turned off. This will help your children wind down and relax so they fall asleep quicker. One way to encourage positive bedtime behaviour is by using a reward system. Use this bedtime reward chart to get you started.


  1. Have A Structured Morning Routine

Equally, having a structure to your and your children’s morning routine is just as important as a night routine. A good morning routine ensures your children start the day on a positive note and will set them up for the day.

However, we all know that it can be difficult for children to wake up early after having a later wake-up time. A helpful way to encourage them out of bed in the morning is to cook them a breakfast they love. Whether this is porridge, toast, eggs or pancakes, giving your children a breakfast that they look forward to, will help them get out of bed in the morning.

But, equally, you may not have loads of time in the morning so using these quick and easy breakfast recipes can save you lots of valuable time in the morning. Don’t worry, there’s also one for fussy eaters!


  1. Meal plan

Sometimes it can be hard to juggle making lunch, dinner and breakfast. To make your life easier, why not try and plan in advance? Planning meals and children’s lunch boxes ahead of time will give you more time in the week for other things.

This one may sound obvious, but creating a shopping list is so helpful for sticking to a budget and making sure you don’t forget anything you need. Using a list like this one can be great to keep you organised and on track. However, buying the food is one thing. Making it and meal planning is another! If you’re struggling for lunch box ideas, why not try some of these lunch box ideas which are so easy to follow, just what you need for the first week back at school! Even if your child has school dinners, using this planner journal is fantastic for keeping track of what your little ones are eating.

As for dinner time, a weekly meal planner such as this one, is a great way to keep on top of meals and ensure making dinner is a stress-free time. No more standing at the fridge wondering what to cook!

This  is definitely one of my best back to school money saving tips too.


  1. Get uniform organised

Something that is normally forgotten until the week before school starts, is school uniform! We’ve all been guilty of letting it slip under the radar, but this year can be different.

Start by going through your child’s wardrobe and use a bag to throw anything in that doesn’t fit anymore. As children grow so fast, the likelihood is that their uniform from last year, may not fit this year!

Then, using a to-do list, you can note down which uniform they need replacing. However, the thought of buying new uniform may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Why not do a uniform swap with a friend or a mum from school? Or see if a friend or relative has some hand-me-downs? As long as they’re good condition, it’s a fantastic way to grab new uniform and keep the cost low. Remember to give your old uniform to charity if no-one you know needs it! And do check out this back to school checklist too.


5. Reduce Stress

As your first step, why not give this How To Reduce Stress In The Summer Holidays blog a read?

We hope this blog has given you some tips to be able to get back-to-school ready. If you feel overwhelmed, try using these tips above to get more organised and hopefully you can feel more relaxed about term starting. You’ve got this!


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