5 Easy Easter activities to do with your kids

Are you looking for easy Easter activities to do with your kids?

Ahh, Easter time. A time for family, egg-hunting and lots of chocolate! It’s a special day that children look forward to every year. But what can make that day extra special (apart from having chocolate for breakfast)? If you’re looking for inspiration to make Easter extra special for your children, we’ve got some super fun, easy, Easter-themed crafts to celebrate.


Easy Easter activities to do with your kids

Easy Easter activities to do with your kids:

Let’s not pretend that the Easter holidays don’t come with boredom. Although it’s a lovely opportunity to spend time quality bonding time with your children, 2 weeks at home can sometimes come with cabin fever. You can use these crafts as a way to combat the boredom your children may experience and also keep them entertained when you can’t. They also make fantastic gifts for family families and friends and can be used to decorate your house or even your little one’s room. If you want to educate your children on what Easter is and why we celebrate it, you could check out this Easter event page which has some useful information on the history behind Easter. It’s also got some great Easter resources, too.

So, if you’re a parent looking for some Easter inspiration, keep reading!


  1. Easter Bunny Crafts

Is it really Easter without some cute Easter bunnies around the house? Bunnies are one of the symbols of Easter, so kitting out your child’s room or your house with some Easter bunny crafts is a lovely way to get your kids excited for this wonderful holiday.

This Handprint Bunny Paper Craft is so sweet and so simple, perfect for younger children. They’re brilliant if you don’t have many materials to “hand” either… you only need some coloured paper and pens, scissors, glue and some different-sized hands! They can be given as gifts, you can tuck Easter treats into their hands, pop them on the front of a card or use Blutak to stick them to a window. It’s a great task to encourage your kid’s independence, too.

If you’ve got older children and need something a little more challenging, why not try making these Easter Bunny Treat Bags? They make such a lovely gift and you can fill them with notes or chocolate eggs, too! Plus, they come with printable instructions.

Lastly, this Easter Bunny Plate Craft is adorable – you definitely won’t want to eat your dinner off of it! This creative craft is a lovely way for your children to use their imagination as well as practice their cutting, sticking and colouring skills.


  1. Easter colouring

A never-failing comfort activity for your children (and for you!) is some mindfulness Easter colouring. Colouring is the perfect activity for all ages to wind down and relax in the evening, especially before your child starts their evening routine. If you’re not sure where to find some Easter colouring resources, you could try this free Easter Colouring Pack which includes colouring images of the Easter Bunny, chicks, eggs and more.

Another great colouring idea is this free Easter Egg Colouring Sheet which could be a great idea for your children to colour in and then display around the house. Maybe they could put them on their bedroom wall, the fridge or create an Easter trail for the Easter bunny to follow? Helping your child create their own Easter bunny trail is a lovely new memory to create.


  1. Easter Baking

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked treats! A lovely way to fill some of that Easter holiday time is to bake something sweet with your little one. Again, this is a great activity for older children but also a lovely way to bond and teach younger children. This free Easter Nest Treat Recipe is a game changer for Easter – you can follow the free instructions to create your own Easter nests. If you’ve got any children with a sweet tooth, this is for them!

What if you haven’t got a sweet tooth? If you’ve caught the baking bug, you could also try this Hot Cross Bun Recipe which is a lovely alternative to the typical Easter chocolate. Hot cross buns are a traditional Easter treat for those who prefer something a little less chocolatey. Did you know that the first hot cross bun was created as early as the 12th century?


Easy Easter activities

  1. Easter cards

Don’t you think there’s something so special about receiving a homemade card? Giving a card at Easter is a lovely way to spread some joy to family and friends. Why not encourage your little one to make a card which they can gift to their grandparents, or maybe their teacher? This cute Easter Chick Card Craft is a delightful Easter gift which your child could make with their own special spin. Maybe they could use a different coloured card, or colour in the flowers a different colour if they wanted to personalise it. This one is perfect for older children who can be a little more precise with their cutting and sticking skills.

Equally, this gorgeous Easter Finger Painting Card is a lovely way for younger children to express their love for their friends and family whilst using their creative minds to bring their creation to life. Have some messy fun and use paint to create eggs or flowers for the front of the card. Definitely, a low-cost, fun gift that someone would love to receive.

Finally, if you want to create a really easy card, you could print out this Baby Chick Easter Card and encourage your children to write their own wonderful message to someone, whilst the front of the card already has a lovely image displayed. Or, if you want something different to chicks, you could use this Easter Egg Nest Card which, again, is an easy time-saving option.


  1. Easter baskets

A lovely endearing craft to help your child create is an Easter basket. They can have the freedom to choose what they want to put in their baskets, whether that be notes, small gifts or chocolate. I think we all know someone who would love to receive a basket made by a loved one, filled with treats.

This Easter Basket Craft is really simple to make but looks a lot more complicated! This cute little basket could be used to store your child’s Easter goodies or could sit on the windowsill as a decoration, too. Why not create some little carrots to go in the basket, too?

This Easter Basket With Flowers is also a fun craft to create with your children and has easy-to-read, child-friendly instructions. If you like, your child can add coloured tissue paper to the basket to fill it out and stash more treats inside.

Easter truly is a wonderful celebration and a lovely opportunity to spend much needed time with your family. You’ve reached the end of the blog, but we hope you have enjoyed it and you’re feeling more prepared for Easter. If you did love the blog, please give us some feedback and find us on Facebook Twitter or Instagram.



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