5 Fun 4th of July Traditions To Do As A Family

Most families have traditions in some form, whether that be doing something at Christmas, Easter or even birthdays. Maybe you have a special game that you play as a family or a particular film you all watch, or maybe you partake in cooking or putting together an Easter egg hunt or scavenger hunt. Having traditions is an important part of making memories as a family and creating a sense of comfort and nostalgia. It’s also a wonderful thing to pass down through family members and create memories for children to come.

Independence Day is a wonderful time to create traditions, too. It falls on the 4th of July every year and people across America celebrate their heritage and country by spending time with family and friends. You might be wondering how you can create traditions for your family in the future, too. We’ve lined up some ideas for you below to get you started on making the 4th of July as special and memorable as possible.


 4th of July Traditions To Do As A Family


Hold a family event

Spending time with the people closest to you can be the best way to celebrate an event like the 4th of July. Some ideas for events you could hold could be:

  • A games night
  • A party round your house or garden party
  • A barbecue
  • A movie night or outdoor cinema


Hosting an event with family and friends is a wonderful tradition to uphold and will give children and adults alike something to look forward to every year with the people they love. Maybe you could even host a games night and include games for children and adults, such as oversized Jenga or Twister. If you wanted something a little different, you could hold a Murder Mystery, too. If this is something that you don’t do for other occasions in the year, it could be something that people associate with the 4th of July, too!

What’s a party without music? Try making a playlist for the 4th of July and get loved ones to contribute their favourite songs. People attach memories to music so why not have songs you and your family can go back to every year to remind you of Independence Day? This is a wonderful way to create nostalgic memories and can be something that your children pass down in years to come.


Decorate your house with red, white and blue

Nothing screams an occasion like decorations! You would decorate your house for Christmas and Easter, so why not the 4th of July? You could deck your house out with the usual colours associated with Independence Day, red, white and blue. If you’re not sure where to start, use this bunting which captures the national flag colours. You can hang it from doors and windows, maybe you could even get some balloons in and an American flag. A themed table cover and some confetti might be nice, too. Spruce up your home however you see fit.


Make special food

Food really has a way of bringing everyone together, doesn’t it? And sometimes the thing that people remember the most about an event, is the food. For this special tradition, you could find a food that everyone really likes and set out to make it every year on the 4th of July so it can become the food they associate with the 4th of July, just like you might have turkey at Christmas or chocolate at Easter. Maybe you could make a red, white and blue cake which would go down a treat, too. If you’re not a baker and you’re not into cooking, you can still buy people’s favourite party food, too. Get in some themed paper plates and cups and you’ve got yourself a feast!



Commit to seeing fireworks

A lot of American families will celebrate Independence Day with a grand display of fireworks. Some people let their own off or watch them with their community. Firework displays are a wonderful way to either kick off or round off the celebrations. They’re also a typical symbol of the 4th of July, with people all around America letting them off. If you and your family want to take part in the fun, why not find your local fireworks or if you want something more intimate, see if a friend or family member is holding their own display? It’s a great chance to get together with loved ones and most places often hold food stalls or fun fairs, so you could make an evening out of it.  If you have little ones who aren’t a fan of fireworks, you could always stay home and enjoy some calm time with them whilst colouring in some firework pages.



Make some crafts

Craft making is a lovely activity to commence celebrations, especially if you’re looking to spend quality time with your children. Children can really enjoy craft making as it can spark their imagination and creativity, as well as engaging their minds. These crafts can also be used as decorations or momentos for the occasion which you can add to every year as a tradition. You could try this 4th of July craft pack to get you started on your crafting journey, which has plenty of fitting Independence Day craft ideas. You could even try making your own confetti or bunting. Maybe creating a 4th of July sign for your porch or your own painted fireworks could be fun, too!


Thanks for reading and we hope you have enjoyed reading through these 4th of July traditions and found some that you are able to implement into your celebrations. Happy Independence Day!

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