5 Summer Activities to Build Up to the First Week of School

You’ve ticked off the children’s activities to wind down for the holidays. And with the summer in full swing, you’ll no doubt be browsing the best ideas to enjoy the sun while it’s out. Holidays, long afternoons in the park, even camping under the stars, Who can blame you?

But every year, the holidays flash by. And before you know it, there’s only a few more days left.

When your kids have been off for so long, the thought of a school routine isn’t always welcome. And that first week back can be tough.

So if you’re wondering how to take the sting out of the start of term, try these mindful activities to help your kids settle in with a bit more ease.


First Week of School


  • Walk to your kid’s school

If you like walks, try to include the school along the way. Walk past the gates. Get a feel for the commute again. It makes the first day back feel less daunting.

Even if you drive your kids to school, find a walking spot nearby, drive there and include the school road as a pitstop.


  • Gently reintroduce structure

There’s nothing like sleeping in. It’s part of a well-deserved break. But after six weeks of them, getting up early will be a massive shock to the system.

Why not get back into the swing of things beforehand? Start having breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the same times as you would in a normal week. Use a few family days out as an excuse to wake up earlier again. And bring back the bedtime routine.

It might not happen straight away. But getting ahead now could save a lot of hassle further down the line.


  • Pack the school bag

There are three benefits to this one. It’s one less job on the first day back, you know your kid will have everything they need, and it also builds up strong organisational skills.

Unsure what to pack for this year? Take a look at this guide for what is useful in a typical school bag.


  • Play educational games

With schoolwork on the horizon, it’s useful to give the brain a steady workout. Six weeks is plenty of time to feel out of practice. But rather than get the schoolbooks out, play a board game instead.

This will help get the thinking muscles back online. In case you don’t have a few boardgames hiding in a cupboard somewhere, you can find plenty of recommendations, plus a few printable games that are easy to set up.

  • Talk about school

Sounds obvious. But it can be hard to start a conversation about school that doesn’t feel like it’s forced. It doesn’t hurt to talk about school anytime. But if it’s not been part of dinnertime chatter for the last few weeks, ease it back into conversation.

You don’t have to bring up school subjects either. You can talk about friends your kid might get to see everyday again, or ask what you think they might need for school once they’re back. That way, it sounds more positive and proactive.


First Week of School


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