50 Awesome Nature Poems for Kids

Let’s take a look at this lovely book of nature poems for kids by Daniel Thompson called Outside In – Nature Poems published by Collins.

If you are looking for a nature poem for kids this is the very best place to start!


Nature Poems for Kids

Nature poems for kids

It is full of colour and life and will inspire every child to get outside and explore nature. Julia Murrays gorgeous illustrations make the book even more enchanting and children will find them purely delightful.

Daniel Thompson is an award winning poet, author of Being You: Poems of Positivity – 2023 City Kids Green Awards Winner and selected for the Reading Agency’s 2023 Summer reading challenge.

Daniel writes the most beautiful heartfelt poetry that is totally accessible to all and reads so easily.

As well as being entertaining the poems in this book encourage kids interest in nature by sharing information as in the rainbow poem.


Nature Poems for Kids


A lot of nature books can be dry and detailed whilst this one encourages a child to learn some fabulous facts about mother earth without them even realising they are doing so! This gorgeous book contains a myriad of poems about the seasons, senses, wildlife, weather and the joys of mud, it’s a book to treasure.

Daniels poems on nature for kids ae just a delight!

By fostering an interest in nature and having children consider it’s value we, by default, encourage them to protect it. This ideology of raising nature’s futures protectors was behind my recent books A year of nature craft and play and  A year of nature walks and games winners of The Creative Play Award.

Let’s get kids interested, encourage them appreciate and care and raise them to treasure and caretake our precious planet.

If you have a poem on nature for kids that you would like to share please drop me a link in the comments below.


Gift Outside In – nature poetry for kids makes the BEST present!

This book makes a beautiful gift  for any child and will instil a life long love of the great outdoors…one of the very best things EVER for a child’s emotional and mental wellness. And really what could be more motivating and wholesome than a book of  poetry on nature for kids.


“This collection of 50 nature poems by Daniel Thompson is very accessible, with colour pictures on every page. Above all, it’s a straight-up celebration of the healing power of the Great Outdoors.” The Times

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