50 Best Free Beach Activities and Games For the Family

Beach activities are simply the best and bring so many benefits to family life- I do hope these ideas inspire you

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Beach Activities are brilliant for emotional health

The beach brings with it a host of opportunities to help kids reconnect with each other as well as reconnect with nature and have some much needed time outdoors and off screens. The sounds and textures of the sand and ocean also bring a sensory delight – it is hard to be anything but mindful at the beach.

It is one of the healthiest and most beneficial environments a child could be in and for families it is a great opportunity to spend time playing, eating , exploring and crafting together.

Can you tell I am a huge beach fan!

I don’t even believe you need to wait for sunshine as the beach has treasures in every single weather and the space and fresh air are a delight even in the winter months and exercise? – well it always make us feel good.

Here are 50 beach activity ideas you might like to try.


Beach Activities and Games for the family

  1. Cricket
  2. Rounders
  3. french cricket
  4. Football
  5. Kite flying
  6. Volleyball
  7. Boules
  8. Tennis
  9. Badminton
  10. Beach obstacle course
  11. Running races
  12. Sand castle building
  13.  Stone tower building races
  14.  Pebble toss (how many stones can you throw into a hole you dig)
  15. Making a dam
  16. Paddling
  17. Water carrying races with buckets
  18. Shell collecting
  19. Stone collecting
  20.  Body boarding
  21. Surfing
  22.  Writing your name in the sand
  23. Skimming rocks
  24. Reading
  25. Making art from found treasures


50 Best Free Beach Activities and Games For the Family

More Beach Activities

26. Metal detecting

27. Making sand sculptures

28. Playing tag

29. Buryng someone in the sand

30. Rock pooling Beach Activities

31. Geocachiing

32. Taking a boat ride

33. Visiting a lifeboat

34. Making a moat around a castle

35. Searching for seaglass Beach Activities

36. Playing noughts and crosses in the sand

37. Taking fun photos

38. taking sunrise and sunset photos


50 Best Free Beach Activities and Games For the Family


39.  Frisbee

40. Towel tug of war (you get a soft landing!)

41. Make sand angels (just like snow angels)

42. Hotter colder treasure hunt (bury something in the sand)

43. Drawing Beach Activities

44. Listening to music or a podcast or audio book whilst you totally chill out

45. Long walk

46. Picnic

47. Camp out

48. Make up a funny dance routine

49. Litter pick

50. Yoga Beach Activities


I hope these 50 Beach Activities and Games for the family have left you inspired.

Do check out my book Nature Craft and Play for even more fantastically fun and inspiring Beach games!




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