6 Best Easy Hanukkah Crafts

Making easy Hanukkah crafts is a great way to teach young children, and it is a fun way to introduce Hanukkah to young children. Young children are not as skillful with their hands as older children, and it is important to take this into consideration when constructing homemade Hanukkah crafts with young children.

This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create homemade easy Hanukkah crafts with young children.


Easy Hanukkah Crafts


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Easy Hanukkah Crafts – Candy Candles

Candy Candles are a fun way to teach young children about Hanukkah traditions while having a good time. For this project you will need card board tubes, tape, paint, glue, candy, and orange tissue paper. This is an easy homemade Hanukkah craft that young children will enjoy.

Start by helping young children paint the cardboard whatever color they like. They can paint it many colors if they wish as well; feel free to let young children use their fingers or a paintbrush for this project. Cut the tissue paper into squares about 6 inches in width and height. You will need 2 squares per candle.

Layer the 2 squares of tissue paper on top of the other, and turn the top square slightly so that it does not match up with the other piece. When the cardboard tube has dried gently push it into the tube about half way. Fill the tissue paper with candy and push it into the cardboard tube more. Place a small piece of tape across the bottom of the tube so the candy does not fall out and arrange the tissue paper so that it looks like a flame. This homemade craft is a perfect project for young children during the Hanukkah season.


Hanukkah Gift Boxes make for Easy Hanukkah crafts

It is fun to make homemade gifts for people during Hanukkah, and young children will enjoy making a homemade Hanukkah gift box. For this project you will need an old box, white paint, blue paper, glue, markers, scissors, and treats to fill it with. Small toys, chocolate coins, and dreidels are perfect Hanukkah gifts to fill these homemade boxes with.

Start by helping young children to painting the box white, and next help them write the recipients name on the front of the box. Cut 6 small strips of blue paper, and help young children glue this to the top of the box in the shape of the Star of David. Young children will love creating and filling this box, and the recipient of one of these homemade easyHanukkah crafts will love it too!


A Foam Dreidel Charm

Foam is a wonderful medium for young children to work with, and it is a valuable tool when creating Hanukkah crafts with your young children. For this project you will need foam shapes, scissors, glue, ribbon, and fabric paint.

Help children glue the shapes into a dreidel by gluing a triangle to the bottom of a square, and adding a small rectangle to the top. Cut a small hole in the side of the dreidel, and help young children thread the ribbon through the hole. Tie it into a loop, and your homemade Hanukkah craft is complete. Young children can wear this charm as a necklace or they can attach it to their favorite back pack.


Collage Dreidelv – Hanukkah crafts

Making a personalized dreidel craft with young children can be inexpensive and fun, and they are guaranteed to play with this special dreidel for years. For this project you will need old magazines, scissors, craft glue, a paintbrush, and an inexpensive wooden or plastic dreidel. If you choose to use a plastic dreidel buff it lightly with an emery board or some sandpaper.

Help young children to cut out pieces of the magazine that they like. Use the paintbrush to make a light coat on part of the dreidel, and help young children attach the images to the glue. Help young children smooth out the paper, and add more layers until the entire dreidel is covered. When it has dried they can play with their personalized and inexpensive dreidel.


Star of David Picture Frame

The Star of David is a popular symbol during Hanukkah and it can be made into a lovely picture frame with your young children. For this easy Hanukkah craft for young children you will need 6 popsicle sticks, blue paint, a paintbrush, glue, and a photo.

Start this project by gluing the popsicle sticks into 2 triangles and overlapping them so that they look like the Star of David. When the glue has dried help young children paint the star blue, and allow it to dry again.

You can add some fake gemstones or glitter to the star to brighten it up a bit if you like. After the entire star has dried you can help your young children to glue the photo to the back of it and make sure the image is in the middle. Add a piece of ribbon in a loop at the top is you would like to hang this easy Hanukkah craft that you and your children have created.


Easy Hanukkah Crafts  – Menorah

Making a menorah with your young children will allow you to teach them about the reasons you celebrate Hanukkah, and this menorah craft is inexpensive and easy. You will need nine empty film containers or baby food jars, a hot glue gun, a long piece of wood or a sturdy piece of cardboard, paint, and small beads.

For this inexpensive and easy Hanukkah craft for young children you can start by hot gluing the jars to the wood in a row. When the jars have cooled help your young children paint the entire menorah. After the paint has dried allow your young children to add stickers, glitter, and fake gems to this menorah to personalize it. This fun and easy Hanukkah craft will get kids involved in the spirit of Hanukkah.

Creating Hanukkah crafts with young children is the perfect way to teach them about their faith while allowing them to start new traditions that they will cherish for years to come. Try these easy and inexpensive Hanukkah crafts with your young children, and I guarantee you will have a great time together.


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