7 Best Ways to Make Homework Easier for Everyone!

Don’t you wish you knew how to make homework easier for everyone?

Many kids struggle with homework for lots of reasons. No matter what our personal views on it are homework has to be done if it is part of the school’s remit.

As a parent it can feel like a real battle. But,rather than simply demanding it be done or even bribing kids to get it done (yes I have done both!) there are more positive we can do to help our children with heir homework, and no I don’t mean doing it for them!


7 ways to make Homework easier for everyone!

Ways to make Homework easier for everyone!

Make a plan

A planned time for homework really helps rather than it being rushed last minute or dragged out over days.  Put a time in the family calender that both you and your child have decided is going to work. Giving homework its place means it won’t constantly be on your child’s mind, nagging away in the background.

I would never make this the day before it is due to be handed in, in case your child is poorly, or they need to clarify something with their teacher. A day or two before it is due in at the very latest is the safest option.


Create a space to make Homework easier for everyone!

A children needs a clear space to work, free from distraction and noise. It’s worth making this a regular place so they ease into a routine of working there. Help them out and provide the tools they need such as pens and paper. Any tools they need should be specified when the homework is planned in so that they can be sorted out/purchased or found in good time, e.g glue, scissors card etc.

Meet their needs

If your child is too hot, hungry , thirsty or in need of a run around first then do meet their needs before expecting them to settle to work. A snack and a little exercise (and a toilet break)  helps them settle much more easily to the task in hand. You could invest in personalised glasses for their water so they feel special and are encouraged to drink more too.

Don’t mark it for them

You are not their teacher and if they hand in a piece of work spell checked by you and with sums corrected  their teacher is going to have a false idea of where their learning is at and support they might need. Help them if asked but keep your corrections to yourself (I know it is hard!)


Don’t take over

If your child wants to chat through  their ideas brilliant.It is great to listen and even make a few pointers. BUT, no matter how excited you get about their project and no matter if you think their ideas is a little meh! remember it is their idea and that really is what matters.

Back away!

Praise the effort – Ways to Make Homework Easier

Always give your child positive feedback for making an effort to do their homework. The attainment is between them and school. We all like to be given positives and working well and making an effort are fabulous skills sets and ones to really promote.

Sometimes no matter what we try kids can outwit us or just downright refuse to cooperate.


Homework refusal and how to make Homework easier for everyone!

I suggest not letting homework get to the point that it is a big issue at home. School have given the homework, not you.  School will most likely be happy  to help you come up with a solution if your child is not co-operating.

My son found starting working again at home tricky after a day at school. His his teacher suggested he use half his lunch time to do his homework twice a week instead. He tried it, found he missed playtime, so instead accepted he would need to do it at home and the battles were over.

Good luck usiing these ways to make homework easier let me know if they work for you!



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