Backyard Adventures for Kids

Backyard adventures for kids will be some of their most favourite memories.

Allowing children to help and work in the home garden is a useful approach to build practical skills and nurture their love for nature.

The family backyard is filled with opportunities to teach children about nature, plants and animals. When planning a home garden, try to include children’s participation by allocating a plot or two specifically for them. Involve them in all stages of a plant’s life cycle and they will have invaluable lessons about flowers, fruits and vegetables that last a life time.


Here are some great tips to begin backyard adventures for kids.


backyard adventures for kids

Provide Child-sized Gardening Equipment

Kids will enjoy working in the home garden more if they are given tools and equipment that match their sizes. So give them child-sized equipment such as a trowel, fork, hand rake, watering can wheelbarrow and gardening gloves to make things easier and more fun for them. Assign a special spot or rack to hold these little items and teach children to clean and return them to their rack after use.

Grow a Variety of Plants

Try to grow a variety of plants with children in the backyard. Plant native flowers as well as some imported varieties. When the time is right, show them how to cut the flowers and arrange them in vases. Old clean mineral or soft drink bottles are ideal as vases for kids since smaller arrangements are more suitable for them.

Reserve some space to grow vegetables too. Easy-to-grow vegetables include lettuce, tomatoes, snow peas and spring onions. Herbs such as basil, fennel and sage can also be planted. Another plus of having a vegetable plot is that kids seldom have any problems eating vegetables that they have grown and picked themselves.

Growing flowers in pots is also a fun idea especially for those who have smaller backyard adventures.


Backyard Adventures

Teach Children the Names of Plants

Teach children the correct names of flowers, vegetables and herbs that are being grown in the garden. Soon, the kids will be able to name all the vegetables served at dinner and the pretty flowers they see in flower shops and all over the neighborhood. Having plants of various colors, textures and sizes also provides good avenues to teach young kids to use adjectives that describe them – green leaves, big fruits, long stems, rough tree barks, thorny plants, etc.


Use Plants for Crafts

Plants in the backyard can be used to make crafts as well. Seeds, flowers, leaves can be dried, pressed and stuck on scrapbooks. Again, this is a good way to learn the names of plants. Some tree barks can also be used to paint things on them. Parents can refer to art and craft books to get more ideas on using plants for crafts.


Backyard adventure books

Take a look at my book Nature Craft and Play which follows the seasons around and is packed with great ideas for backyard adventures. Plus tajke a look atthis great post on the benefits of nature on mental health



Rear Animals in the Backyard

If the backyard is large enough, consider rearing some small farm animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and geese. Younger children can feed the animals while older children can learn to clean out pens and cages. These little chores teach kids about responsibility, compassion and kindness to animals.


Final thoughts on Backyard Adventures

Backyard lessons for kids are easy to develop. To pique their interest, first provide children with child-sized gardening tools. Then grow a variety of plants and teach children the proper names of the plants. Kids also benefit from using plants for crafts and rearing animals in the backyard.


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