Be Confident Be You – a Confidence Book for Teens

Be Confident, Be You  is my brand new confidence book for teens published January 5, 2023 by Harper Collins.


Be Confident Be You



Be Confident Be You is a positive guide / activity book to give teens the tools to build their confidence, overcome low self-esteem, and embrace opportunities in all areas of  life.

The two things teens have the power to control in life are their thoughts and your actions. This is great news because these both have a huge impact on how life turns out. ‘Change your thoughts and you change your world’ is is a wonderful lesson for teens to take on board in the quest for greater confidence.




There are tons of ideas to try throughout the book from practising positive self-talk, to making a coping kit and tackling fears,  and each section of the book contains the science behind why the various tools work.

It is a really easy book to dip in and out of and has lots of things to do as well as inspiring quotes so your teen does not have to be a big reader to really enjoy it.

Here is an example of one of the activities in the book which encourages teens to look to and recognise their strengths and realize how capable they actually are.


Be Confident Be You


Confidence is the key to a fulfilling life and this book helps boost it in every way.


Be happy Be you

Be Confident Be You is the perfect companion to  my previous book Be Happy Be You – a teenage guide to happiness




Be Happy Be You is a GP book on prescription and on the Reading Well for Teens list and as such it is available in every library in the UK and fully endorsed by mental health professionals and teens.


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