Being You – Poems of Positivity

Being You – Poems of Positivity is a brand new kids poetry book by Daniel Thompson.


 Daniel Thompson, is also the author of Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers.


‘Being You’  is a delight!  Filled with poems to encourage kids to be unique, grow, be brave, celebrate progress not perfection and oh so much more.



‘Being You’ has been published this week by Collins and is a collection of 50 poems  ‘inspire confidence and courage, help children to overcome worries and spread kindness.’ Daniel’s new book is like poetry therapy and is so accessible and so enjoyable too.


What I loved about  Being You – Poems of Positivity

Kids always responded well to the easy song like  pattern of rhyming couplets and this lovely book of poetry uses that to fully engage their attention whilst delivering important messages in an easy to read (and listen to) format.

These are poems that are simply perfect to share – a parent could read them to a child, a teacher to a class or a child could read them aloud to themselves. It is a book to be read every day to shore up positivity or one to dip into on a down day to give a child a lift.

Here are a couple of  example of poems from the book:


Practice makes progress

Encouraging kids to appreciate their full journey not simply the destination and to recognise it is all about being better than yesterday rather than being best is a great concept to get over to kids.

Doesn’t this poem convey this beautifully!


And I simply love Julia Murrays’ s gorgeous illustrations which fill this book with colour and bring Daniel’s imaginative words to life.



Cave of Brave

It take courage to navigate the world today with social media, world events, the lingering effects of a pandemic and a cost of living crisis all taking their toll on families and impacting our kids in some way. This poem on bravery urges kids to dig deep for courage and is so encouraging.



Live life in Colour

My favourite poem in the book is called Live life in Colour .. here is a little extract


Think of your life

as a sketch drawn in pencil

an outline of where to begin

A near blank canvas of endless potential

And your job’s to colour it in!



And know as you grow

The more life that you live

The more wonderful colours you’ll see

And the more that you try

And the more that you give

The more vibrant your canvas will be


Final thoughts on Being You – Poems of Positivity

Being You – Poems of Positivity is just great- kids need to think about and explore their emotional health just as they do their physical health and they need to develop  their emotional health tools… what a wonderful emotional health resource Being You is…every home should have it!


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