101 Best Childhood Friends Short Quotes, Captions and Sayings

Childhood Friends Short Quotes are some of my favourite quotes – because honestly does anything make you smile quite like an old friend?


Quotes About Childhood Friends And Friendships for cards

Childhood Friends Short Quotes captions and Sayings are perfect to include in birthday cards or Christmas cards to those old friends who won your heart so long ago. Short words can have a powerful impact. Perhaps your child is sending a card to her bestie and needs some inspiration? These short childhood quotes will be perfect and elevate your card sending tremendously.


It’s about time, attention and recognition

Old childhood friends deserve nothing less. growing apart form a real friend is heart-breaking,  so time to show how much you care.

Maybe then you will be one of the lucky ones having this special bond your whole life having fun through all the years with those who hold a special place in your heart.


Childhood Friends Short Quotes

Childhood friends quotes are heart warming


Photos and childhood friends

They are also a great way to caption Instagram posts or use alongside a photo in album to remind yourself and your old buddy how special to you they are.  Or if you are putting together a scrap book or photo album with your child maybe they would like a few of these lovely childhood quotes sprinkled throughout.  Friendship is so important – we need to teach kids when they are young to honour and respect it.

Childhood friendship quotes make the best captions for old fabulous friends.


100 short quotes about childhood friends

  1. “Childhood friends: where laughter and memories never end.”
  2. “With childhood friends, time stands still, and the bond remains forever.”
  3. “The best playmates are childhood friends.”
  4. “Innocence and joy define the world of childhood friends.”
  5. “In the eyes of childhood friends, we find our true selves.”
  6. “Childhood friends paint the canvas of life with vibrant colors.”
  7. “Growing up with childhood friends creates a lifetime of happiness.”
  8. “Childhood friends are the foundation of lifelong friendships.”
  9. “Cherish childhood friends, for they’re the architects of our youth.”
  10. “In the embrace of childhood friends, we find solace.”
  11. “The laughter shared with childhood friends echoes through time.”
  12. “Childhood friends light up our lives like twinkling stars.”
  13. “The adventures with childhood friends are the chapters of our story.”
  14. “Childhood friends add spice to life’s journey.”
  15. “From innocence to experience, childhood friends walk together.”
  16. “Childhood friends teach us the beauty of acceptance.”
  17. “The gift of childhood friends is a treasure beyond measure.”
  18. “Time may pass, but childhood friends remain etched in our hearts.”
  19. “The playground of life is more enjoyable with childhood friends.”
  20. “Childhood friends are the music that never stops playing.”
  21. “With childhood friends, every day is an adventure waiting to unfold.”
  22. “Childhood friends hold the keys to our fondest memories.”
  23. “Childhood friends are the heartstrings that connect our souls.”
  24. “The joy of reunions with childhood friends is unparalleled.”
  25. “Childhood friends are the keepers of our  secrets.”
  26. “In the eyes of childhood friends, we see reflections of ourselves.”
  27. “The warmth of childhood friends melts away life’s troubles.”
  28. “With childhood friends, we discover the power of loyalty.”
  29. “The magic of childhood friends lies in their unconditional love.”
  30. “Childhood friends create a tapestry of trust and understanding.”
  31. “Together, childhood friends weather any storm.”
  32. “Childhood friends are like stars, guiding us through the darkest nights.”
  33. “With childhood friends, laughter becomes the soundtrack of life.”
  34. “The innocence of childhood friends is a beacon of light in a complex world.”
  35. “Childhood friends teach us the value of forgiveness and compassion.”
  36. “The joy of sharing secrets with childhood friends is unparalleled.”
  37. “Childhood friends are the co-authors of our coming-of-age story.”
  38. “In the company of childhood friends, time flies like a butterfly.”
  39. “Childhood friends are the threads that weave our lives together.”
  40. “The adventures with childhood friends leave footprints on our hearts.”
  41. “Childhood friends are the sunbeams that brighten our days.”
  42. “With childhood friends, happiness is a contagious emotion.”
  43. “The comfort of childhood friends is a sanctuary for the soul.”
  44. “Childhood friends turn ordinary days into extraordinary memories.”
  45. “In the arms of childhood friends, we find comfort and belonging.”
  46. “Childhood friends are the architects of laughter and mischief.”
  47. “With childhood friends, we discover the magic of true friendship.”
  48. “Childhood friends are the mirrors that reflect our growth.”
  49. “The beauty of childhood friends lies in their simplicity.”
  50. “With childhood friends, life is a beautiful dance of camaraderie.”
  51. “Childhood friends are the stars that light up our darkest nights.”
  52. “The companionship of childhood friends makes life’s burdens lighter.”
  53. “Childhood friends create a symphony of joy in our hearts.”
  54. “With childhood friends, we learn the art of empathy and understanding.”
  55. “Childhood friends are the compass that guides us through life’s journey.”
  56. “The laughter shared with childhood friends is medicine for the soul.”
  57. “In the embrace of childhood friends, we find acceptance and love.”
  58. “Childhood friends are the guardians of our wildest dreams.”
  59. “With childhood friends, every moment becomes a cherished memory.”
  60. “Childhood friends are the bridge that connects our past and present.”
  61. “The loyalty of childhood friends is unwavering and pure.”
  62. “With childhood friends, our hearts sing in harmony.”
  63. “Childhood friends are the storytellers of our shared history.”
  64. “In the eyes of childhood friends, we find unwavering support.”
  65. “The laughter shared with childhood friends is a symphony of joy.”
  66. “Childhood friends are the gardeners of love and laughter.”
  67. “With childhood friends, life becomes a tapestry of cherished moments.”
  68. “Childhood friends are the sparks that ignite our spirit.”
  69. “In the company of childhood friends, life’s challenges feel conquerable.”
  70. “Childhood friends are the stars that light up our darkest nights.”
  71. “The love shared with childhood friends knows no bounds.”
  72. “With childhood friends, life becomes an unforgettable adventure.”
  73. “Childhood friends are the architects of our fondest memories.”
  74. “In the laughter of childhood friends, we find echoes of happiness.”
  75. “Childhood friends are the treasure troves of shared experiences.”
  76. “With childhood friends, we embrace the true essence of joy.”
  77. “Childhood friends are the pillars of our support system.”
  78. “In the company of childhood friends, we discover our true selves.”
  79. “The warmth of childhood friends is a balm for the soul.”
  80. “Childhood friends are the rays of sunshine on a cloudy day.”
  81. “With childhood friends, we learn the art of giving and receiving.”
  82. “Childhood friends are the compass that leads us to our dreams.”
  83. “The bond with childhood friends is an unbreakable chain.”
  84. “Childhood friends are the ink that colors our life’s canvas.”
  85. “With childhood friends, every day is an opportunity for adventure.”
  86. “Childhood friends are the sparks that ignite our imagination.”
  87. “In the embrace of childhood friends, we find solace and comfort.”
  88. “Childhood friends are the feathers that help us soar.”
  89. “With childhood friends, life becomes a joyful dance of friendship.”
  90. “Childhood friends are the truest reflections of our hearts.”
  91. “The companionship of childhood friends is a source of endless joy.”
  92. “With childhood friends, we learn the value of shared experiences.”
  93. “Childhood friends are the glue that binds our hearts together.”
  94. “In the laughter of childhood friends, we find the elixir of happiness.”
  95. “Childhood friends are the stepping stones on the path of life.”
  96. “With childhood friends, every day is a celebration of friendship.”
  97. “Childhood friends are the lighthouses that guide us through storms.”
  98. “The memories created with childhood friends are etched in our souls.”
  99. “With childhood friends, life becomes a beautiful symphony of love.”
  100. “Childhood friends are the stars that illuminate our lives with joy.”
  101. “There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate. (hint, hint)


Sweet and Funny Childhood Friends Short Quotes

And possibly my absolute favourite and the sweetest of these short quotes…  ‘Life is better with you. ‘

And possibly the truest of them all!  “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” Elbert Hubbard

Childhood friendship and childhood memories are precious things.


Childhood Friends Short Quotes


What is a short saying about old friends?

A short saying about old friends is one you’ve probably heard said many times but not really considered. This one is my all time faves:

“Good friends are like stars; you don’t always see them but you know they’re always there.”


Why are short quotes for childhood friend quotes are the best?

Short quotes are powerful for several reasons:

  1. Conciseness: Short quotes distill complex ideas or emotions into a few carefully chosen words. They remove any unnecessary clutter, getting straight to the heart of the matter.
  2. Memorability: The brevity of short quotes makes them easier to remember. Their succinct nature allows them to stick in our minds, making them more likely to be recalled and shared.
  3. Impactful: A well-crafted short quote can leave a lasting impact on the reader or listener. They have the ability to evoke strong emotions, inspire action, or provoke deep thought.
  4. Universal Appeal: Short quotes often capture universal truths or sentiments that resonate with a broad audience. They can cross cultural and linguistic barriers, connecting with people from various backgrounds.
  5. Versatility: Due to their brevity, short quotes can be used in various contexts – from social media posts and greeting cards to motivational speeches and advertising campaigns.
  6. Easy Sharing: Short quotes are easily shareable in the age of social media, allowing them to spread quickly and reach a large audience.
  7. Time-saving: In today’s fast-paced world, people appreciate concise messages that deliver a meaningful punch without requiring much time or effort.
  8. Inspiration in a Glance: Short quotes have the power to ignite inspiration and motivation in just a few seconds. They can uplift moods and change perspectives instantly.
  9. Attention-grabbing: Short quotes can grab attention swiftly, making them ideal for headlines, titles, or capturing interest in a short amount of time.
  10. Clarity: With limited words, short quotes often present ideas in a clear and straightforward manner. They eliminate ambiguity and make communication more effective.

Overall, short quotes demonstrate the beauty of simplicity in language, allowing powerful messages to be conveyed in a concise and impactful way. They woppork perfectly when you are trying to tell your oldest friends how much you care. You can find longer quotes on childhood friends quotes.


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Do you have any quotes about old pals to share? I just can’t get enough of them, please drop me a comment below if you have one to show me.

And, if you wondering why friendship is so key to happiness do take a look here at a great article on the psychology of friendship.

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You can use these childhood friends quotes for instagram too, the y make the perfect caption for childhood friend photos.

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