50 Brilliant Confidence Boosting Activities for Kids

My brand new book Create Your own Confidence is packed full of confidence boosting activities for kids aged 6-12.


Create Your Own Confidence


Confidence Boosting Activities for Kids

I don’t think there is much I prefer to write about than ways to make kids feel fantastaic through their thoughts , actions and behaviours

Create your own confidence is book 4 in my Series of Create You Own … wellbeing books published by Harper Collins and joins Happy. Calm and Kind.


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                                                                                                                                         Confidence Boosting Activities for Kids

Create Your Own Confidence is packed with Confidence Boosting Activities for Kids

Create your own confidence is designed to …..

Support children’s emotional wellbeing and build confidence through confidence boosting activities

Empower children to believe in themselves and develop a positive self-esteem with this illustrated activity book.

  • Full of simple, practical ideas to help children to feel confident, strong and happy
  • Fun activities to do on their own or with friends and family
  • Try out power posing, create a control wheel or set mini goals
  • Learn about the surprising science behind emotions along the way


It is beautifully illustrated and designed to quickly dip in and out of. The book covers 50 topics where confidence is key for young people. It addresses issues likes speaking in public, making frieds, facing fears and making decisions. Every topic is underpinned by science and research so kids know why the tips work as well as how.


Confidence Boosting Activities for kids

Confidence Boosting Activities for Kids

How books on confidence boosting activities can help kids

Books are a great way to help children access emotional health tools, they can be reread, they can be explored privately or alongside someone they trust, they can be less intense than therapy and they can be dipped into as and when needed.

Sometimes there are long waits too for professional help so if we can boost a child’s well-being through ‘shelf help’ at least in the short term it can be very beneficial.

Any way we can help kids feel strong and positive, clear about how to ask for help and able to tackle new things and assert themselves when required just HAS to be a good thing.


Have you ever tried your hand at power posing?

Confidence Boosting Activities for Kids

Confidence Boosting Activities for Kids


Would you like a peek inside.. at my Confidence Boosting Activities book ?

Even more confidence building ideas!

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Confidence boosting activities and tips are fun


Confidence Boosting Activities for Kids


Teaching kids to help themselves does not have to be dry or worthy  – my book has tons of fab  Confidence Boosting Activities for Kids that are fun and exciting from trying out  power poses to making paper and playing games

As a parent /carer/ teacher  you could even join in and make it a bonding experience too. Kids often love that and find they are more able to talk about issues to do with confidence if you open up about yours and join in with their journey.

I do hope you and your kids enjoy it!

Create your own confidence is available to buy now and you can get it form Amazon or any good bookshop.



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Confidence is KEY to success and self belief so make sure your kids is stocked up on it!


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