25 Awesome Earth Day and Environment Drawing Ideas

Learn about Earth Day and Environment drawing ideas that kids and parents can do and enjoy together this April 22nd.

Show kids that saving the Earth is important every day!


Environment Drawing Ideas

When is Earth day?

Every April 22 is Earth Day around the world. It is a special holiday that is observed by many environmentalists, scientists and Earth enthusiasts. This year, why not join in the fun?

The great thing about Earth Day is anyone can join in, at any level s/he wants. It’s a great day to spend teaching kids the importance of the environment with topics such as water pollution, recycling, endangered species, the Greenhouse effect, reducing a family’s carbon footprint and more.

Here are some cool and fun activities to use with kids on this special holiday.

Make a Poster – Environment Drawing Ideas

Making a poster is one of the most popular earth day drawing ideas.

The poster can have a great environmental message such as pick up your litter or  recycle! and can be placed in a community hall, the window of your home or up at school. Words and slogans are powerful and images have long been a key part of any campaign. kids love to draw and and helping them create a poster gives you a key opportunity to talk to them about the meaning of earth day and why it matters so much.

 Here are 25 more fab  environment drawing ideas

Creating environmental drawings is a great way to explore and express nature’s beauty, environmental issues, and conservation themes. Here are 25 environment drawing ideas to inspire your creativity:

  1. Lush Rainforest: Illustrate a vibrant rainforest teeming with exotic plants and animals.
  2. Desert Oasis: Depict an oasis in the middle of a hot desert, with palm trees and a water source.
  3. Underwater Wonderland: Draw a colorful coral reef with various marine life swimming around.
  4. Mountain Majesty: Illustrate a majestic mountain range with snow-capped peaks.
  5. City Park: Capture the tranquility of a serene park in the heart of a bustling city.
  6. Coastal Scene: Draw a coastal landscape with waves crashing against cliffs or sandy shores.
  7. Garden of Eden: Create a fantasy garden with magical flora and fauna.
  8. Pollution’s Impact: Depict the negative effects of pollution on the environment and wildlife.
  9. Endangered Species: Highlight the beauty and importance of endangered animals and their habitats.
  10. Forest Fire: Illustrate the devastating effects of a forest fire and its impact on nature.
  11. Recycling Center: Showcase the importance of recycling and waste management.
  12. Green Energy: Illustrate renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines.
  13. Deforestation: Depict the consequences of deforestation on wildlife and the ecosystem.
  14. Animal Migration: Illustrate the incredible journeys of animals during migration.
  15. River Reflections: Draw a serene river scene with trees and wildlife reflected in the water.
  16. Earth Day Celebration: Create a drawing that represents Earth Day and environmental awareness.
  17. Coral Bleaching: Depict the phenomenon of coral bleaching and its impact on coral reefs.
  18. Urban Greenery: Showcase the importance of urban green spaces and city gardens.
  19. Polar Ice Caps: Illustrate the melting polar ice caps and the effect on polar bears and other wildlife.
  20. Recycling Superheroes: Create characters that embody the spirit of recycling and sustainability.
  21. Tree of Life: Illustrate a magnificent tree with a diverse ecosystem living within it.
  22. Erosion Erosion: Show the effects of erosion on landscapes and the need for soil conservation.
  23. Renewable Transportation: Draw futuristic eco-friendly vehicles and transportation methods.
  24. Harmony with Nature: Illustrate a scene where humans and wildlife coexist harmoniously.
  25. Plastic-Free Ocean: Depict an ocean free from plastic pollution with clean beaches and marine life.

Remember, your drawings can carry a powerful message about environmental issues and the need to protect our planet. Use your creativity to inspire others to take care of the Earth and its precious resources. Happy drawing!

Environment Drawing Ideas

Environment Drawing Ideas don’t have to be done on paper!


Papier Mache Earth Day Project – Environment drawing ideas

If you kids do enjoy being creative you could encourage them to go at this layers of the earth  papier mache project. it is fun and educational and a real celebration of our lovely planet


Campaign! with your Earth Day Drawing Ideas

It is great for kids to be involved in activism it gives them a sense of purpose and community and helps them feel proud of who they are. Is there a march or protest to do with the environment you could attend as a family. Maybe if you are looking for earth day drawing ideas they could spend time making a placard?


A Fun Earth Day Activity

The EarthWorks Group has a wonderful book called 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth. One of the fun activities is playing “water leak detective.” The EarthWorks Group recommends that parents and children can play “detective” by inspecting for leaky faucets in bathrooms and the kitchen. A young child will love to be sent on this mission. In the meantime, parents can discuss the importance of water conservation with their children.

Do the same thing with gaps around windows and doors. Explain that because of air gaps, energy is lost all the time and the only way to conserve is to fill in those gaps. Either have gap fillers on hand – a.k.a. plan ahead – or take the child to a hardware store to find the necessary materials. It’s a fun way for the child to spend time with the parent for a whole day.


Recycling for Kids and Earth Day Drawing Ideas

Earth Day is the perfect excuse to explain the importance of reduce, reuse and recycle. Use old newspapers, paper or clean items from the recycling bin to make an art project. Let the child think up the design and draw on anything!

Maybe s/he wants to add some spunk to the mailbox or perhaps make a funky mosaic to hang on her/his bedroom wall. Just make sure to clean materials when taking from the recycle bin. Also, watch out for newspapers – black ink is messy.


Earth Day Drawing Ideas

Earth Day Drawing Ideas and ways to celebrate

To help kids love and respect the environment, start by celebrating Earth Day this April 22. Spend time outdoors creating your art or just  soak in the sun and observe all the beauty the Earth has to offer. Parents can make Earth Day a holiday children will look forward to every year!


Environment drawing ideas

Kids do not have to save up their planet loving craftiness just for earth day. Environment drawing ideas are always a good idea and get kids more focussed on being planet protectors so these should most definitely be encouraged.


Be Earth Kind

Checkout my wellbeing activity book Create Your Own Kindness for loads of ways kids can learn to be kind to the planet.


kindness book for kids



Further thoughts on Environment drawing ideas

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