Empower your kids! A coaching guide for parents

Are you looking for a coaching guide for parents?

Here therapist Judy Bartkowiak tells you about her new book which is all about helping you help your kids.


As parents, you have a natural and automatic desire to rescue, protect and shield your children from difficult situations.

You want to show your love by stepping in and helping wherever you can: with homework, bedtime monsters, the dark, new experiences, making friends…but by rescuing , are we helping them to build their self-esteem? By stepping in and fixing things, we communicate that we don’t think they can do it on their own. We make them think they need us. What if there was a better way?

This book will give parents the skills to guide their children to find their own solutions and to create new possibilities. These tried and tested coaching skills, drawn from the author’s vast experience of working with parents and children, will give children choices. It will give them a positive mindset, and a ‘I can’ attitude.

If we can show children how to fix things for themselves, then we set them up for a lifetime of independence, and confidence in their own abilities.


A coaching guide for parents


Empower your kids! A coaching guide for parents

Empower your kids! A coaching guide for parents’ is the latest book from Judy Bartkowiak, NLP & EFT Kids. Judy is a Family Therapist specialising in working with children and teens. She is an NLP and EFT Trainer and a Matrix Reimprinting and Reiki Practitioner.


Part 1 focuses on general parenting support with:

–        What is NLP and how it can help with communication and understanding

–        How NLP promotes a positive mindset

–        What is EFT and how to use tapping through the ages; baby, toddler, children, teens….and for you!

–        Tapping when they don’t know what’s wrong

–        Tapping on ‘everything’, overwhelm

–        Daily wellness habits – journalling, mindfulness, meditation exercises

A coaching guide for parents


Part 2 covers tools and techniques for specific issues

–        anger

–        anxiety

–        coping with change (including death, divorce and losing a pet)

–        fear of failure

–        fear of a specific thing

–        friendship/family relationships

–        learning struggles

–        low self-esteem

–        sleep issues


Here’s what some parents have said about it.


Empower your kids! A coaching guide for parents – Reader reviews

“Reading Empower Your Kids by Judy Bartkowiak is like having someone take you by the hand and guide you gently through parenting. Her book sets out to teach you how to coach your children through anxiety, sleep issues, relationships and friendships, and low self-esteem – while also learning about yourself and your reactions and emotions along the way.

Judy’s clear and friendly and open language helps guide you through established neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and emotional freedom tapping (EFT) techniques, clearly explaining the science behind these terms in an accessible manner.

That the book is divided into two parts – the first exploring NLP and EFT and the second offering practical advice on supporting your child through a range of emotions they might encounter – means that you can access the information you need with ease.

As a family with one tween and another approaching the teenage years, the sections on anger, coping with change and self-esteem felt especially helpful.

Judy’s book is a wonderful guide to the benefits of NLP and EFT techniques and how they can help you, your child and your family navigate the complexities of growing up in today’s world.”


“I loved this book!
The conversational tone makes it a great read with a cuppa, and the concise, easy to follow exercises make it a really useful work book to dip into in times of need. I’ve had a number of “aha!” moments about my own behaviours as well as my child’s while working through the book and have found it a valuable addition to the tools I use when working with clients.”

“This book starts with the beautiful words full of hope, empathy and respect : “For parents everywhere, you are amazing.”

As a mom myself and having the privilege of coaching so many children and their parents in my work, these words represent to me the most important lesson I learned in over 30 years, a positive mindset is the best way to start the process and sincere communication with children, teens and parents.

Judy Bartkowiak managed to write a complete guide about how to use the basic principles of NLP and the tapping method EFT in your everyday life when you want to improve your communicating with children. The book is a clear introduction in the powerful world of NLP, useful in the fantastic body-mind combination with the EFT-tapping techniques. An interesting blend of theory and practice with many activities, examples and practical coaching skills to encourage the child to cope with (sometimes difficult) emotions and feelings.

The ‘how’ and ‘why’ you learn in this book is not only an eye-opener and a big help for parents, but also for all the professionals working with children and interested in empowering both children/teens and parents.

‘Give a child the solution and we fix them for the day.

Coach a child to fix it for themselves and you empower them for life.’

I can’t agree more.”



Where to buy Empower your kids! A coaching guide for parents

You can buy your copy from her website www.nlpfamily.com as well as Amazon, Book shops and The Book Depository.

Judy is also the author of ‘Understanding children and teens’, ‘Self-Esteem Workbook’, ‘NLP Workbook’ and the Engaging NLP series of workbooks for children, tweens, teens, parents and teachers.



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