GCSE revision tips, guides and practice papers

GCSE revision tips – I have recently been reviewing a new collection of revision guides and past papers from Letts.



It is such an impressive range – and it spans KS1 through to A levels. The guides and past papers are completely up to date, colourful, illustrated concise and really accessible.  It doesn’t really matter what I think though does it in some ways as I am long past those periods of my education  – what matters is how relevant and useful young people find them.

Well here I am interviewing Jasmine and Elijah on how the found the Letts guides and past papers for GCSE. Elijah is just about to sit his GCSE’s and Jasmine completely aced hers last year ( I am such a proud aunty – and wow did she work hard!)

Here are their thoughts and their best revision tips:



I do hope you found that useful.


To summarise their GCSE revision tips

  • Make a timetable and stick to it
  • Revise in 30-40  min block
  • Stay hydrated
  • have a clear workspace
  • Make sure you have had a snack been to the toilet etc before you start studying so you don’t get distracted
  • Have regular, refreshing breaks (exercise/shower/make yourself food)
  • Listen to music without lyrics so you can concentrate
  • Work with peers  occasionally (if your peers work!)
  • Do practice tests – these help with timing/familiarity/help you see where you are at)
  • Have regular breaks/mini rewards
  • Varying how you learn to keep in interesting

Do you have any you would add?

You can find the Letts revision resources here



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