How I Feel – Activities to help children feel happier, calmer, kinder and braver

I am excited to introduce you to my brand new book How I Feel which is for children age 4+ and packed full of fun activities.



Each of the activities have been specifically designed to promote positive mental health for younger children with a focus on strengthening and improving a child’s emotional literacy and emotional wellbeing.

I am a post graduate qualified psychotherapist, social worker and level 5 life coach and I have worked directly with children over many years

My lovely and beautifully illustrated new book  contains 40 exciting wellbeing activities to help young children talk more easily about their feelings and helps build up their self-belief and resilience.

The aim is to make social emotional learning fun. It is also written in a clear and accessible style as a young reader so many young children will be able to read it themselves. The illustrations by the wonderful Assia Leradi totally bring it to life and children enjoy them hugely.


Grown up involvement helps hugely

In order to help children learn to talk about their feelings it is important for you, their grown up  to talk about your feelings –  from anger to boredom, joy to embarrassment. By sharing a range of emotions, you give your child the okay that all feelings are acceptable and are okay to share. This is important because when a child shares what is happening for them emotionally their experiences will make more sense to them and they  will be able to access the support they need much more easily.

So I urge every grown up engaged with How I feel to get fully involved – do the activities, role model self regulation and make talking about feelings the norm!

What’s inside How I Feel?

How I Feel is packed with games and crafts, art projects, baking, science, affirmations, mediations and even some yoga. It si hugely enjoyable and a every single activity is designed to boost a child’s wellbeing. Loads of tips for parents are scattered throughout the book too.


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