How to Amuse Bored Children – 5 fabulous ways

Do you wonder about how to amuse bored children?

Amusing a bored child can seem like a difficult and frustrating task. Your child may have many toys yet still complain of being bored. It is possible, to find ways to amuse them that are not challenging and will result in a happily entertained child. Below are some suggestions.


How to amuse bored children

How to Amuse Bored Children – Environment

First of all, how you amuse a bored child will depend upon the environment you are in. If you are at home you will have access to toys and books but if you are waiting at a station for a train or sitting in a restaurant waiting for dinner it can be a different situation altogether. Use what the environment around you has to offer; if there are no toys at hand then play a simple game of eye spy or counting the number of cars which go past.

There are games within all environments which do not take much imagination and can be simple for even very young children to play. Guess what colour car will drive by next? How many sticks of sugar are in the bowl? How many things can you spot that begin with the letter B?


Be prepared to amuse bored children

If you know you are going to be waiting around somewhere then go to this place prepared. Perhaps you are going to an appointment which will involve waiting around for a while.

Prepare for this trip by taking appropriate items with you; some crayons and an activity book can keep a child amused for a while especially if you engage with them and join in too. Maybe you are going to be somewhere where there’s lots of outdoor space; take a ball with you or a skipping rope. Many items you can take with you are small and able to be carried in your bag.



Some children complain of being bored because they actually want to talk. You may feel frustrated wondering why they are complaining of being bored when they have a whole host of toys in their playrooms but don’t appear interested in them. This may be because they want some company. Talk to your child and engage in a game with them or have them be involved in something that you are doing. Play dates can also help as sometimes children thrive for the attention of others.


How to amuse bored children

What are you doing?

What are you doing with your time? Is it something which your child could help out with? Sometimes children love to be involved in the everyday activities that parents are busy doing. Have your child help you to pair up socks or wash the dishes. This can help make them feel as though what they are doing has a purpose and will also make them feel trusted by you and can help strengthen your bond. You can make household chores seem appealing too so that your child doesn’t view them as a chore.


Be creative to amuse bored children

If you are able to then be creative! You do not need lots of skills yourself to be able to encourage creative behaviour. This could be simply telling a story together or drawing pictures or it can be more elaborate such as making your own musical instruments out of bottles and filling them full of rice to making a collage with items found in the garden. Being creative can be great fun and also encourage development in children.

Children do often complain of being bored but it is possible to amuse them. It will always depend upon the environment you are in but even in the most difficult of places there are ways in which children can be occupied.



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