How to Make HUGE Paper Mache Dinosaur Eggs – Easy Craft

It’s spring time and  you know it’s time to have go at paper mache dinosaur eggs!


Paper Mache Dinosaur Eggs


This does take a few days and can be a bit on the messy side. If you’re ok with that then read on. This activity can be done with children ages 3 and up. If you are doing this with the younger crowd make sure to supervise carefully and be prepared for thrills and giggles.

Hatching eggs is always fun. Don’t worry I am not going to instruct you on how to raise baby chicks. The last thing you need right now is worrying about a dozen animal’s running around your house.


Paper mache dinosaur eggs – materials

First get the materials that you will need.

These include newspaper, balloons (round ones not the ones shaped like hot dogs), child safe paint,paint brushes, flour, water, a bucket or bin to mix, and some little rubber dinosaurs (you can find these in the party favor’s section of Walmart), or any type of animal that you think your kids would love to hatch.


paper mache dinosaur eggs

Take a look here to find out how to make your own paper mache paste


Paper mache dinosaur eggs – instructions

  1. Now cover you table with newspaper. Tear the remains newspaper in strips, the kids can help with this as well. Next dump a bunch of flour in the bin and fill it with warm water, becareful its not hot water you don’t want to burn little one’s hand.
  2. Then mix the water and flour making a paste (this is also known as paper mache`). Next blow up a few balloons, or have your little one blow them up to the size they want and tie it off. Have your kids dip the newspaper in the paste that you made and cover the balloons with it. Make sure to leave a small slit on the bottom so you can place the baby animal in there later. Then let it set over night to dry.
  3. Once it has dried completely take a pin and pop the balloon. Pull all of the pieces out from the slit and throw them away. Make sure get get all of the pieces so little ones don’t get a hold of them. Next set up the table, re-cover it in newspaper, then put out the paint and brushes. Now let the kids go crazy painting them. When they have had enough let the egg’s dry.
  4. After bed time pull out the baby animals you got. Slip them inside, in the morning have them check the eggs to see what surprises they find.


pink balloons

Learning points

Kids go crazy over dinosaur paper mache eggs and it keeps  them occupied for hours. They learn to share the paint and hey help clean up.

It is a little time consuming but well worth it sop t they learn sometime sit pays to be patient.

It can also teach young children the different kinds of animal’s that come from eggs. Also you can teach them how to make colors (you know red + blue = purple).  so this activity is not only fun but can be educational at the same time.


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