Is Ballet Good for a Child?

Have you ever wondered if ballet is good for a child?


Goals of Creative Movement Classes for Young Children

Most ballet schools hold special classes that introduce dance concepts to very young children. These classes are often called creative movement or mini movement classes. Many creative movement classes are combination ballet and tap to introduce dance concepts that help rhythm, balance and flexibility.


Is ballet good for a child?

The goals of these classes are to introduce dance concepts, creative expression, and teaching students to follow a teacher’s instruction rather than teach techniques and terms. The most important goal is to encourage a love of dance and make it fun so that the young child will want to learn dance.


Practice makes progress

Ballet class for young children is a first introduction to dance. Can parents get a child to practice dance lessons at home?

Parents are often excited when they first enrol a child into a ballet class, often at preschool age. They have visions of years of recitals and their child dancing beautifully in elegant costumes.

Of course, the young student’s dance movements do not exactly match the teacher’s. The parents decide that their preschooler should regularly practice the ballet steps to improve for class. Yet, is it realistic to expect a pre-schooler to have a practice schedule? Learn how to encourage a young child to practice and enjoy dance.


Dance Practice and Teacher Expectations

Parents can rest assured that most mini movement teachers do not expect preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice dance lessons at home in any strict manner. Since these classes are more focused on creative expression through dance and introducing dance ideas, perfecting technique through practice is not stressed.

It’s great if the child wants to practice dance lessons at home but parents shouldn’t force her to do it. Forcing a young child to adhere to a strict practice schedule may lead her to dislike dance class and eventually give it up.


Encouraging A Child’s Interest in Ballet

Just because home practice is not stressed in early childhood ballet classes doesn’t mean that parents shouldn’t encourage some practicing. The best way to get a preschooler or young elementary school age child to practice ballet lessons is to periodically ask them to briefly show you a dance step or exercise.



s ballet good for a child? Give it a go …..

Here are some ideas to encourage a child to practice dance lessons without pressure: Exercise with your child. During the exercising, include some of the stretches the teacher has taught your child in ballet class.

  1. Turn on some music and dance with your child. See what she does on her own when the music comes on. You can also ask her to show you some dance moves.
  2. Every once in a while, show your child how to hold her arms or position her legs for ballet and have her copy your movements. Make it into a game like “Simon Says.”
  3. Have your daughter put on a cute ballet dress or tutu and play ballet princess. The ballet princess can show you how to dance.


Ballet is brilliant for a child’s confidence and they with each new move they will feel a surge of pride in their capabilities Have look at my book Create Your Own Confidence for 50 more ways to boost a child’s confidence.



Parents should make any practice fun and never force the child into a rigorous dance schedule. At this young age, parents and teachers want to show the child how fun and beautiful ballet can be and encourage a lifelong love of dance.


Is Ballet Good for a Child? Yes but no pressure! And why not consider taking them to see a ballet to really experience its beauty and to get inspired.


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