Kindness Book For Kids – Create Your own Kindness

My brand new kindness book for kids Create Your Own Kindness has just been published by Harper Collins and I am so excited to tell you all about it.

Like my other activity books for kids Create Your own Calm and Create You Own Happy, my kindness book for kids is  for 6-12 year old and packed to the brim with fun stuff to do to enhance emotional wellbeing.


   create your own kindness,  kindness book for kids


Here is what Create Your Own Kindness is all about

I thought I’d make a little vlog to tell you about Create Your Own Kindness (‘scuse my messy book shelves!)

Why I wrote this kindness book for kids

I work as a children’s therapist for a leading UK charity and previously I worked as a social worker. I know many children struggle with their emotional health and well being in this challenging world. What I wish for them is to be able to have the resilience and the robustness to cope with challenges life throws them.I want them to be able to create for themselves calm, happiness and peace.

My books give kids the tools they need to help themselves.

What is included in Create Your own Kindness

Self kindness is the key to emotional well-being so a big part of Create Your Own Kindness focuses on that, teaching kids to  self soothe, speak kindly to themselves and be their own BFF. I want to learn when the chips are down is when you UP the TLC not self berate or self harm.

Kindness to others is vital too as kindness is contagious ( scientifically proven) and others will mirror your actions. Plus being kind to others give us an Oxytocin boost which helps us feel more connected to others too as well as making us ( and them) feel happier

The third part of this book is about legacy really it is about teaching kids to leave the planet better than when they found it.

There isn’t much more important than that is there.

CYOK is packed with science, fun activities and guidance on how to up the kindness I do hope your children love it.


Create Your own Kindness,  kindness book for kids

You can purchase Create Your own Kindness at Amazon and all good books shops


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