Best Lawn Games for Kids – 5 Fun Ideas

Lawn games for kids are a great activity for children when the weather is nice. Fresh air and exercise are added benefits to the fun. When choosing the best lawn games for children, safety and consideration for the ages of the children are of utmost importance.

Always check the recommended age level suggested by the manufacturer for purchased games. When using homemade games, common sense should be followed. Adult supervision is a must to help prevent injuries.

Children love to play games that imitate ones grown-ups play. There are child-friendly versions of horseshoes and ring toss. Starting lines can be adapted to the various ages of the players. Many variations of badminton, paddle ball, and wiffle ball are also available for the younger set. These games are excellent for improving eye-hand coordination and spatial relationships.


Lawn Games for Kids – 5 Fun Ideas



A simple game of frisbee can keep ids entertained for hours and hours and it keeps them fit too. never underestimate fun and simple games.


lawn games for kids

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Croquet lawn games for kids

Croquet is a game that children aged seven and up can play with other children or with adults. The rules can be modified for younger players. An adult and child can pair up to play as a team when a child is first learning the game.


Lawn Games for Kids

Water play Lawn Games for Kids

As a rule, children will love any game that involves water when the weather is warm. They are many games for sale that involve the use of water that will keep children active and involved. With a few simple supplies you can make your own water based competitions.

Partner the children and give them a small water balloon to toss back and forth. See which partner pair can keep the balloon intact the longest. Use water balloons to hit designated targets. Split the children into two teams. Give each team a bucket of water, a disposable plastic cup with holes, and an empty container to fill.

Players take turns dipping the cup in the water, running a short distance and pouring the water that is left in the cup into the container. The first team to fill up the container wins.


Obstacle races

Children will enjoy inventing their own lawn games. Provide them with an assortment of appropriate outdoor toys such as hula hoops, small balls, bean bags, Frisbees and plastic cups and allow them to make up a game to play. Whatever you can do to get kids outside more is worth setting up!


Bean bags make the best lawn games for kids

Bean bags can be tossed into hula hoops for points. Frisbees can be thrown for distance or accuracy. Imagination and creativity will take over as the children think of fun ideas for games. They may need to problem-solve as glitches come up in the game as it is played. The children will be practicing important thinking skills and having a great time as they develop these open-ended games.

Outdoor play is very important for children. Lawn games provide an excellent way to keep children active and having fun.


More Lawn Games for Kids

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