Mums and Teen Sons – 10 Things You Can Do Together

Mums and teen sons – are you looking for ideas of things you can do together ?

The teen years can be difficult, no question about it; as kids grow and learn and reach puberty and feel peer pressure, they can become cranky, moody, and difficult at times to be around. It’s hormones. brain change, increasing desire for independence and autonomous and it is pressures of life. Knowing this does not always make it easier.

This is not to say however that it’s an impossible thing, even if its mums and sons involved. There are some things mums can do with their teen sons that they might both enjoy.



Mums and Teen Sons

Mums and Teen Sons – perceptions

Despite the fact that a lot of young men find themselves wanting to seek their own independence, which more often than not involves doing things apart from the family, most still remember with fondness the closeness they enjoyed with their mother when they were younger, and despite the way they might behave do still want to have some of that connection.

The problem is perception. Young men as they enter their teens are very cognizant of how they are viewed by others, especially their peers, siblings and fathers, thus, activities between son and mother are generally best done alone and apart from all those other influences.

Thus, good activities for mothers and sons should include something that reminds both of some of the things they enjoyed together when he was younger. For example, if your son used to like when the two of you took walks to the park, you might drive to a park in another part of town and take a walk together, or even do some of the things together that you used to do at that park, such as toss sticks off a bridge and see whose gets to the other side first. Childish perhaps, but not so much that you can’t still give it a try.

And you know the child in all of us stays in tact just not usually in front of a teenagers peer group!


Mums and Teen Sons – Follow his interests

Another thing a mother might suggest is that she and her son take a drive to see someplace or thing that her son finds interesting. For example, if her son is interested in big earth moving equipment, they might go watch some men working at a big site, or if he likes planes, perhaps they could go someplace near an airport and watch the planes come and go.

Or they might go watch a NASCAR race together, or Monster Truck Rally, or whatever else it is he finds interesting. This is especially good if both have an interest in something, such as art or music. Going to a distant museum together can be very fun, as might attending a musical eventĀ  that features someone both would enjoy seeing.

The point is to make it purposefully, honest and upfront. When a mother takes her son someplace to be alone with him, it reminds him that she loves him in spite of the fact that he’s grown older and despite any relationship challenges. And that can only bring the two closer together.


Mums and Teen Sons

Mums and Teen Sons – What I do

I take my son out to eat. It’s relaxing, it’s purposeful and it’s a treat and it gives us quality time together to connect . it works out well for us and has become a routine when he is back form un. What do you do?


Mums and Teen Sons – Final thoughts

A boy needs his mum in his teens not just for the practical things he wants her aid with but emotionally. he may not tel you everything but knowing you are there loving him and steadfast for him gives him a touchstone in a confusing time. Remind how much you enjoy his company , keep offering and he’ll check in every once in a while.

I promise.

Positive parenting for the teen years is absolutely possible. Mums and teen sons can have fabulous relationships.


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