My Momma Zo – A Transgender Story Book for Kids

Kelly and Zoey Allen are the awesome authors of the lovely new book My Momma Zo, a transgender story for kids.  My Momma Zo tells the story of Zoey’s transition from the perspective of her daughter and how it changed things for the better for all of them. It is a lovely, vibrant and heartwarming book that introduces  young readers to the concept that families come in many shapes.

I really enjoyed this lovely book. It was full of colourful pictures and is a delight to read. Molly’s story of her dad  becoming  her Momma  is beautifully told. But it doesn’t fudge the tough stuff. It talks about how some people have been unkind and how Kelly was initially worried. Yet in the end the story shows us all is better, brighter and  happier because Zoey has been become who she was always meant to be.



What is My Momma Zo about

My Momma Zo is a wonderful, a true story  and a great resource for schools and family  who want to introduce the concept of being transgender to kids.


Transgender Story for Kids

About the authors of My Momma Zo

Kelly Allen is a queer autistic writer, often found with her head buried in a book or getting lost on a long rambling dog walk…

Zoey Allen is a transgender singer songwriter who loves being creative. She also runs the blog and social channels for Our Transitional Life, an insight into the life of a transgender woman and her family, challenging the misconceptions of society.


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