Positive Parenting for the Teenage Years

Positive parenting for the teenage years depends a lot on  the feedback you give your teen.

When we raise children we are doing our very best to prepare them to cope with and have the best life possible and there are so many things we can do to ensure this happening. We need to provide love, concern, affection, build self-esteem, and have respect for our children. We also need to accept them for the person that they are and show our approval of that person.

We need to set clear limits and be consistent with our children and let them know our reasonable expectations of them. The way we praise or criticize impacts them greatly

There is a fine line between being constructive and guiding and criticizing and being negative and in giving them a negative attitude which may follow them for life. Parenting is not easy, but we can excel if we really think about raising our children in the most positive way


Positive parenting for the teenage years

Positive parenting for the teenage years

For an example, your teen Susie wants to go visit a friend next door and you think it is getting too late and also her homework has not been finished, then you tell her no and Susie than starts yelling that she hates you and you deny her all the things she wants to do. She is angry you would not let her do as she pleased.

What will you do will you  ground her for being rude? or perhaps try something new perhaps?

You might tell her, well not tonight, but if you ask early enough tomorrow afternoon and can tell me your homework has been finished then I will say yes. Then let Susie know that when you give her a decision such as this one that you expect her to behave in a mature manner. Perhaps even after Susie has came out of her room and is acting with respect tell her, well you got your anger in control and I am really proud of you and discuss the matter further.


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Banish negativity for positive parenting in the teenage years

We can give our child praise and attention to get the behaviour that we require of them instead of always giving them negative criticisms, it can be done. It can accomplish so very much more and actually cause the parent much less stress and the child will have more self-esteem.

Sit down and think about the things you like most about your child, we know you love her, but the things you like about her. Sure this is hard when you have a teenager who feels out of control, but you can find some good qualities. Perhaps  organizational skills, neatness, dedication to projects, even honesty and humor or even that they are friendly.


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Perhaps your child is a really caring person for others such as an elderly neighbor, a grandparent, etc. reinforce that quality by telling them you really to admire that quality. Also your child may have a sensitivity for others, praise that quality, reinforce that quality. Try some positive parenting, it works.

Look for the good in your child and praise the good  it will pay dividends. Positive parenting for the teenage years is totally possible. You can find more advice here


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