Quote of the Day for Kids

If you are looking for the quote of the day for kids then you absolutely do not need to look any further than my trio of brand new books 365 days of Happy. Kind and Calm.


365 days of Happy is packed full of quotes affirmations and activities for each day of the year with all focus on happiness boosting.  If kids want uplifting and need to increase their joy then this is the book for them with something inspiring each and every day.



Quote of the Day for Kids – happy!

The quotes are all straightforward, motivational, happy and positive – they are such a lovely way to start a day and each page of the books is colourful and engaging and so cute!

As well as a collection of brilliant quotes the book has quotes and affirmations too to inspire and motivate kids on their happiness quest. Take a look belong at an a example from the book



As well as 365 days of happy,  365 days of calm is also released this month




Quote of the day for kids – calm!



The activities and the quotes in this book are all designed to help kids relax and feel calmer and more peaceful. This is so important as when kids feel calmer they are able to think more clearly and to make better choices.


Quote of the Day for Kids – Kindness

The third book in my newly published trio is 365 days of kind which teaches kids to be kinder to themselves and to each other. A great reminder at the start of each day as they read the daily entry from the book.


365 days of kind




Quote of the Day for Kids why bother?

A quote of the day for kids is a marvelous way to give their emotional well being a boost whilst also keeping it light. We all need a serving of emotional health in juts the same way we boost outr physical health daily and that is the point and purpose of my new books.




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