Sound AiSleep: Revolutionising Kids Bedtime Stories

Imagine a world where kids can drift off to sleep listening to their parent’s soothing voices, narrating their favourite stories, even if their parents aren’t there. Introducing the app Sound AiSleep – kids’ audiobooks spoken in their parents’ voice, using AI voice clones – the first of its kind.


It all started with an insight – kids are soothed to sleep faster when they hear their parent’s or caregiver’s voice. AI voice clones are becoming more and more accessible and realistic. So after months of work we now have a seamless app that uses AI to create parent’s voice clones. They simply record their voice for a few minutes directly in our app, to instantly create their voice clone, then choose any book from our kids library to create their very own personalised audiobook, in minutes.



Download it on the Apple App Store to start the magic.


Why you should use Sound AiSleep

Picture this: Instead of the usual alarm blaring, your kids wake up to your voice spinning tales from their favourite books. Sound AiSleep transforms you into the family’s storyteller, all starting with just a two and a half minute voice recording. Suddenly, you’re not just a parent; you’re the narrator of adventures untold, all before they’ve even had breakfast. Fitting Sound AiSleep into your morning routine is smoother than convincing your toddler that yes, indeed, dinosaurs did brush their teeth. Whether you’re navigating the wild-west of wardrobe decisions or ensuring they’ve got something resembling breakfast, our audiobooks add a layer of calm and connection amidst the chaos.

Reading behind the wheel? A definite no-no. But who says the storytelling has to stop? With Sound AiSleep, your voice – the one they can’t get enough of – becomes their on-the-road entertainer. It’s like sneaking veggies into the pasta sauce — educational, yet sneaky. Transform traffic into story time, making every “Are we there yet?” an opportunity for a new chapter.

Even after you’ve turned the last page and said your goodnights, children often need a little more to drift off to sleep. Sound AiSleep can continue where you left off, gently guiding them into slumber with the sound of your storytelling.

For families spread across miles or even continents, Sound AiSleep brings the voices of loved ones closer. Grandparents, Aunts, and even your second cousin twice removed, who might not be around the corner can still be part of the bedtime routine, sharing stories in their own voice.



For little ones learning to fall asleep on their own, Sound AiSleep offers a familiar and comforting routine. Hearing your voice not only eases the transition into sleep but also fosters a sense of independence, making bedtime less daunting and more enjoyable.


The Books:

We have authored many of the books ourselves.  Here at Sound AiSleep we believe bedtime isn’t just for sleep — it’s for sowing seeds of wisdom, kindness, and curiosity through stories, each brimming with not one, but at least two life lessons waiting to be discovered. As every audiobook  is an opportunity to nurture the mind and heart – our stories carry powerful lessons, becoming a journey of learning, all set to the soundtrack of your voice.


The Making of Sound AiSleep:

We’ve engrained AI into every aspect of our app, whether that’s lines of code, book cover artwork, or even some of the stories themselves. Utilising the ever improving AI voice clones, and if the progression in the last few months is anything to go by, we’re excited to see what’s yet to come. We work with ElevenLabs which has a combination of the most realistic sounding voices and quickest cloning time. We are also proud winners of their startup grant, which has enabled us to get this project off the ground with more speed.


One thing we want to make clear is there could never be a replacement for you reading bedtime stories to your kids, Sound AiSleep is an upgrade to the occasional audiobook you turn on for your kids.


If you want to use Sound AiSleep on Android please sign up here and get notified as soon as it’s available on the Play Store:

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