Teen Breathe for Boys

Teen breathe for boys is fabulous.

Have you come across Breathe magazine (if not you should seek it out, it is rather lovely). Well, Breathe magazine has a younger sister Teen Breathe which I have reviewed previously and adored and now something new…. this month Teen Breathe for boys was launched as a one-off special (definitely needs to be a regular thing)

Teen Breathe for Boys

I have to say I think it is fabulous!

Such a nice change from footie and gaming magazines – the usual staple for Teen Boys. This, instead,  offers a really welcome injection into their emotional health and wellbeing.


Teen breath for Boys

It’s not a magazine they will skim through and dispose of this is one to keep and go back to. It is packed with brilliant articles and ideas that focus on mindfulness ain ways boys can relate too easily,

 This one-off special from Teen Breathe magazine is packed with tips, ideas and activities that show how paying attention to the moment can help boost confidence, tune into thoughts and feelings and bring out your best – no matter who you are. From protecting your future self on social media and getting creative with code breaking to giving watersports a go and learning how to handle anger, ultimately Teen Breathe Boys is about being yourself, being kind to others and being ready to find – and follow – your dreams

Now sounds good, right?



Teen breathe for boys is even better than it sounds. The activities are interactive and engaging and really good. There are articles on fear of going to school, activities to help you express how you feel, wonderful photography tips, a spy messaging template, some brilliant recips, stories about adventurers and even a bit of yoga.

It is ace and such a refreshing magazine for boys.

Huge thumbs up from me and my teen son loved it too. He kept dipping in and out and found some really interesting stuff that I know has made him think.


You can buy it here


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