Three mistakes parents should avoid when exploring beaches with children

mistakes parents should avoid when exploring beaches

Mistakes parents should avoid when exploring beaches with kids

A beach holiday should be a great chance to relax with your loved ones, and create those special memories that can only be made by the seaside. But a dream day at the beach can soon turn into a nightmare if you haven’t taken the necessary steps to ensure your kids stay safe and entertained.

Whether it’s the first time taking the kids to the beach, or you’re just a little out of practice, avoid these three common mistakes parents make to ensure your next day by the sea is plain sailing.

Going at the wrong time

The first mistake people often make is heading down to the beach at the wrong time of day. As any parent will know, going away with the little ones can be a tad manic, and the days can soon run away with you. But if possible, try and plan any trips to the beach around the most convenient times in the day.

The best time to take the kids to the beach will be early in the morning or late afternoon. At these times of the day, not only will you find the beach is less crowded, making for a more relaxing experience, but you will also avoid the more intense early/mid-afternoon heat. The UV levels will also be higher around lunchtime, so it’s best to avoid being out in the sun at this time.

Running out of supplies

Running out of supplies is a surefire way to spoil any day at the beach. From sun cream, to water, to snacks, it’s important to make a list of anything you’ll need to keep everyone happy. It’s particularly important if you’re visiting a more remote beach, where there’s less likely to be any shops or cafes close by. Either way, it’s always good practice to assume you won’t have access to any shops once on the beach, so you can cover all bases just in case.

When it comes to suncream, make sure to pack enough for reapplication throughout the day – putting one layer on before going won’t provide enough protection. And remember, any snacks or drinks you do bring can heat up during the day and spoil pretty quickly. If possible, bring a cooler to pack your sandwiches, fruit, and water, to help keep everyone happy and hydrated throughout the day.


mistakes parents should avoid when exploring beaches

Mistakes parents should avoid when exploring beaches – Forgetting the entertainment

Whilst many grown ups will be content spending hours on end simply soaking up the sun on their beach towels, children typically won’t be so easy going – and they’re sure to remind you of that fact. The sand and sea can certainly have a part to play in the day’s entertainment, but only for so long. Especially if you’re planning on spending a prolonged period of time at the beach, be sure to bring any toys and games they would enjoy.

You could even take the time to think of some fun beach activities to get the little ones engaged with, whether that’s searching for the most unique shells, exploring the rock pools, or digging out a channel to the sea. Just a little preparation can go a long way to ensuring a stress-free day at the beach.

Be beach smart

Avoiding these three mistakes will allow you to enjoy all of the special moments that come from spending time on the beach with your family. No matter where your next beach holiday takes you, go armed with these top tips and you’ll have a trip to remember, rather than one to forget.


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