What are the benefits of gardening for children?

There’s a reason why people enjoy gardening once they retire. The fresh air, building a community and even growing your own food. But gardening isn’t just for the elderly.

Did you know that this peaceful hobby can be hugely beneficial for children too? In this guide, we’ve listed five key reasons why more children should get into this hobby to help with their development and socialisation in a meaningful way.


What are the benefits of gardening for children?

Why should children start gardening?

  1. Sensory fulfilment

Gardening will stimulate all five senses, children will feel different textures in the soil, seeds and plants, they will be able to smell the flowers, hear the bees and birds, see the different colours of the plants and taste any vegetables, herbs or fruits you grow together.

When a child is engaged in a gardening activity, they might talk about their feelings in new ways. For those who struggle to open up, it can be a fantastic tool for allowing their emotions to just exist. Gardening – or even going on a wellbeing walk in a natural, protected space – allows room for big feelings and new discoveries.

  1. Individuality

When they’re just starting out with gardening, children can simply head outside and see what captures their interest. There are so many different tasks and activities in the garden space, so seeing what naturally captivates them is a fantastic way to give them a sense of purpose and wellbeing.

  1. Confidence building

There’s no pressure with gardening, so children can start with whichever plants or flowers they’d like to. They can plant easy flowers like sunflowers and marigolds, which put on a delightful and colourful display once they reach maturity.

Opting for edible plants keeps children engaged with the growing journey too. Tomatoes and cucumbers love the heat and grow better in polytunnels, but you can also plant lettuce, radish and runner beans outside. Whether you’ve got a garden shed or an outdoor planting area, gardening gives your child something meaningful to do during the summer holidays.

  1. Healthier lifestyles

Gardening naturally encourages healthy eating. There are plenty of plants to inspire children, so you’ll never be limited to just shrubs and flowers. Why not try using a raised bed and growing your own vegetables at home?

Building your own garden herb garden offers so many benefits too. Not only will your children get engaged with the adventure of growing their own food, but they can put their patience to good use when they finally use their produce in homemade meals.

  1. Responsibility and independence

Lastly, when a child picks out their plant and nurtures it from seedling to full bloom, it’s only natural that they learn about responsibility.

With every success, they can start to feel proud of their efforts and realise that they’re capable of doing amazing things. And with every challenge or struggling plant, there are plenty of problem-solving skills to learn. Each failure can turn into a lesson in perseverance too.

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