10 What Makes you Happy Answers

If you are searching for what makes your happy answers looking at a blog post isn’t going to serve them up but it might get you thinking

You have to look at yourself and your own life. what makes you happy answers are different for absolutely everyone. It is an important quest thought because in knowing what makes you happy you are able to put more of it into your daily life. This works for kids to and enables them to take some control over their happiness and alter their mood if they need to through knowing what to focus on and initiate to bring themselves joy.


What Makes you Happy Answers

What Makes you Happy Answers

Looking for what sparks joy with your child is a great exercise to do and one that will empower them.


365 days of Happy


What Makes you Happy Answers

Quotes, affirmations and activities to boost children’s happiness every day

Boost happiness with encouraging quotes, positive affirmations and simple activities – one for every day of the year. This is the perfect book to open at the beginning of the day or before bed to help create a positive mindset.

What makes you happy answers and activity

Here is an exercise from my book 365 days of Happy to  get kids really thinking:

 Make a list of 10 things that make you happy – think about places, people, hobbies, food, pets, games ..anything!

Such a simple exercise but one that will steer kids to really becoming clearer at what makes them feel good – if you do your list too it will show them how vry different people and it wil be so much fun to read each others. maybe they could encourage their friends /siblings to do it too!

Then they need to focus on bringing more of what is on their list into their life.


What makes you happy answers – my list!

Here’s what floats my boat …


What makes you happy answers


  1. Warm bread
  2. My best friends
  3. Writing books
  4. Sunny days
  5. Music that evokes happy memories
  6. My kids
  7. A true love story
  8. My mama
  9. Watching a good movie
  10. The scent of clean washing


What makes you happy answers

What would be on your  What Makes you Happy Answers list and your child’s? I can’t wait to hear!



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