Co Parenting Therapy – 3 Top Tips to Successful Co-Parenting

National divorce day is looming; the first working day of the year which can typically see a spike of up to 150% in divorce filings compared with surrounding months. With emotions and animosity running high, it’s easy to forget the number one priority which is to protect the children’s emotional wellbeing during this period of high conflict.

Marcie Shaoul is the UK’s first ever Co-Parenting Coach and offers her esteemed ‘Co-Parent Way Essentials Course’ to help separating parents remove the heat, navigate the emotion and feel confident the children’s needs are being met so they feel stable and secure.

Marcie’s on-demand, 10-module course teaches 13 transformative tools that fully equip parents on their co-parenting journey, allowing for emotions to be managed to communicate with an ex in a calm way whilst making decisions that are child-centered.


Co Parenting Therapy

Marcie gives three tools to kickstart a co-parenting journey:


  • Finger and Thumb

A simple tool that allows you to check your fight, flight and freeze responses before communicating with your ex. Depending on our state of mind, our brain either sabotages us or helps us, and finger and thumb allows us to stay in a helpful frame of mind. This technique allows us to be in the present, slow our breathing and allows us to control our emotions rather than letting our emotions control us when communicating with an ex.


  • The Pause Button

One of the simplest and most powerful techniques Marcie teaches in her course. The pause button helps conversations run more smoothly. It retrains our brain not to interrupt during a conversation and very deliberately pause to take a breath instead of interrupting our co-parent. This allows us to fully focus on who we’re talking to and what they’re saying. We will actively listen, and our co-parent will feel more heard. This will allow us to consider our response, improving the level of conversation.



  • Build Your Own Self-Management Avatar

This powerful visualisation technique allows us to better manage our feelings, emotions, and language. The Self-Management Avatar is a character we create that will give us greater control over our emotional responses. It could be a super-hero, or someone real we look to in life – anyone from George Clooney to a Buddhist Monk or a favourite aunt.

Once created, your avatar is always there for you. Whenever you meet you co-parent, you take it with you. It will support you and give you the energies you need; If you need calm., courage, strength and perspective – it is your guide you can call on whenever you need.


Co Parenting Therapy hacks to help you stay in control!

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