Raising children with chronic health conditions

Caring for a child with a chronic health condition can be incredibly demanding. As a parent or caregiver, you need an abundance of compassion, resilience and understanding to support the child, your family and yourself.

Whether the result of medical negligence, genetics or chance, conditions ranging from asthma to cystic fibrosis pose several challenges for everyone involved. But with the right approach and strategies to support your child, the process of protecting their health and wellbeing should hopefully be a little more manageable.


Raising children with chronic health conditions

Prioritise communication

Open and honest communication is key, particularly as children get older. It’s vital that your child feels comfortable discussing their feelings, symptoms and challenges. Start by creating an environment where conversations about health are normalised and proactive, rather than reactive. Encourage your child to express how they feel, not just physically but also emotionally.

This dialogue should extend beyond your close family. Ensure that teachers, caregivers and close friends are aware of your child’s condition and understand how they can support them.

Stick to a routine

Children feel safest with stability and predictability, and those with chronic conditions are no exception. A consistent routine helps manage expectations and makes essential aspects of their care, such as medication, physical therapy and getting rest, more manageable.

However, flexibility can be just as important for children with certain conditions. Be prepared to adjust routines based on how your child is feeling on a given day. Aim to find a balance between safeguarding their health and allowing them to enjoy as much of their childhood as possible.

Seek support

It’s often said that “it takes a village to raise a child”. This holds particularly true for those raising children with chronic conditions. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Connect with healthcare professionals and support services who understand your child’s condition and can offer practical advice and emotional support. Other parents with similar experiences can also provide comfort and useful strategies.

There are numerous support groups and charities dedicated to specific conditions in the UK. These organisations can offer tailored advice, resources and access to community support networks. Remember, looking after your own wellbeing is essential and these organisations understand that more than anyone.

Tackle problems together

Facing the challenges of a chronic condition is something you must do together. Include your child in discussions about their health and any decisions that affect them. They may not truly understand many of the conversations, but inclusion fosters independence and confidence down the line. Use age-appropriate language to explain what is happening and why certain decisions are made.

When issues arise, try to find solutions together. Whether it’s dealing with a new symptom, adjusting to medication or handling challenges at school, get through them as a team. Remember to celebrate even the smallest wins and always look for those moments of joy and normality.

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