Water Names for Babies

Water names for babies are as old as time and yet feel refreshingly modern too. Would you pick one?

Why Choose a Water Names for a Baby?

Parents choose water linked names to connect their child to a particular geographic location, either one nearby, one that is special and remembered, or one in the geographic area that the family is from. Parents also choose water names because they are beautiful and give the child a name that reminds everyone of the natural world.


Water Names for Girls

There are many water based names for girls, both common and uncommon. Place names can be used as a girl’s name: the name of a lake can become the name of a child. Names of particular types of water can also be names for girls: Ocean and River are popular names for both boys and girls. Parents can also choose from the following names for girls:

Brooke: A brook
Cari: Flowing like water
Imma: One who pours water from a jug
Lindsay: Linden trees near the water
Lynn: Beautiful waterfall
Maayan: Source of water
Naida: Water nymph
Niobe: Water flowing from a stone
Nebraska: Flat and open water
Talise: Lovely water
Tallulah: Leaping water

Water Names for Boys

Water place names are often very masculine, and they make good names for boys. For example, Dover is an English seaport, and it is also a Welsh water name. Clyde is a masculine-sounding name, and it is a river in Scotland. Water animal names also make good names for boys. For example, the name fisk means fish. Those who are looking for more boys names that reflect and contain water imagery can consider the following names:

Brook: A brook
Calder: Rough water
Caspian: The Caspian Sea
Douglas: Flowing from the dark river
Eaton: Village by the river
Ford: River crossing
Kaelin: Waterfall pool
Kai: Sea
Kelby: Place by the flowing water
Merrick: Ruler of the sea
Mortimer: Still water
Murdoch: Protector of the sea
Murray: Seaman
Wade: Cross the water
Wyatt: Water


Water names for babies can be eclectic, unique, and beautiful.

There are also a number of more traditional names that mean water: names like Murray, Wade, and Lindsay. Look for water names in other languages, too, but watch for the different connotations that these names bring.

Enjoy the search – looking for a name for a new baby is great fun, and very meaningful!


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