7 bookmark crafting activities for kids that fit around their reading time

Bookmark crafting is great fun.

A bookmark is a lifesaver when it comes to reading. It helps you keep your place in the story and not lose track. But bookmarks have a second feature. They’re a way to personalise your book.

Bookmarks are easy to get your hands on. You might have loads stashed away already. But there’s nothing like making your own.

With a slip of paper and some colouring pencils, bookmarks are easy to make. But if you want to take the activity a step further, read on for some really inspiring ideas.


Book Trackers

You can buy book trackers on Etsy. And they’re gorgeous! But you can make your own too. All you need is a thick slip of paper or cardboard. And a pencil.

From there, you want to draw a bookshelf on the bookmark. Then fill the bookshelf with blank drawings of books, stacked neatly, side by side.

That’s it. Afterwards, for every book your child reads, they add the name of it to one of the book drawings on their bookmark. Then colour it in.

Book trackers are great for setting targets. This helps your kids feel as though they’re working towards a goal. Plus, the more books they read, the more colourful their bookmark gets.


Bookmark Crafting – Page Corner Markers

These are unique types of bookmarks! Rather than sit between pages, you plonk them on the corner of a page instead. Plus, you can design them to stick out in lots of fun and eye-catching ways.

Want to learn how to make them? You can follow the easy instructions below, or follow the video tutorials in this blog if you’d like to go through it step by step.

There are also lots of designs you can play around with as well.


 bookmark crafting


Mindfulness Colouring

If you’d rather wind down then break out the crafting kit, these lovely bookmarks come with colouring templates.

Just print them off, cut them out, and crack out the crayons.


 bookmark crafting


Lollipop Sticks

Lollipop sticks are a sturdy and useful way of marking a bookmark. They’re less prone to creases and being worn down. Plus, it’s a great excuse to buy some ice cream!

You can decorate the sticks themselves for a quick activity, or you develop them further with more sticks and bits of paper.

The choice is yours. You’ll find plenty of examples online, but click the photo for some instructions from us if you’re interested.



Sewing Supplies

If you have bits of fabric and bric-a-brac, this bookmark idea is perfect for you.

First, cut a strip of fabric. This can be used to bookmark the page. You’ll want it to be long enough that it can stretch around the cover. From here, the options are endless. You can attach it to a paper-clip, or piece of card for a quick craft activity.

If you’re feeling more ambitious, Busy Beehives and DIY Bookmarks have some great ideas for using ribbon too.


 bookmark crafting



Who doesn’t love a bit of confetti? And if you’re looking for ways to use it after those birthday parties, then you’ll love this crafty idea.

Scattering confetti onto some glue and paper is a lovely way to express some creativity. You can add a dash of colour, and have a little fun as well. But if you want to make something even more unique, check out this DIY bookmark idea.

All you need are some poly pockets and some extra confetti.


More on Crafting Ideas

Crafting bookmark are a brilliant way to add variety to your kid’s reading activities. They help young minds unleash their creative side. It’s also a brain break in disguise if you’ve been reading a while.

If you and your kids enjoyed these activities, you might find these ideas help kids take ownership of their books as well.


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