Embracing your individual learner

Embracing your individual learner is an important part of parenting a preschooler.

Embracing your individual learner


Embracing your individual learner

The one thing that children age 3-5 have in common is that they learn at a rapid pace. How they learn, their style of learning and levels of attainment will vary greatly. Many parents feel proud if their little one reads and writes early. For others, whose children establish these skills less quickly, there can often be needless anxiety.

Our children are unique; whilst schools will mould and shape them into more focused students, these very early stages are a great time to embrace who they naturally are and what they are naturally interested in.

Physical children who love to be on the move can learn so much from their energetic play. Not only are they learning about balance and motion, safety and risk-taking, they are also learning about distance and self-control. Building in games like throwing a ball and counting catches or playing hopscotch are great ways to introduce numbers and number sequences. Sending them off on a little treasure hunt with a picture and the written word next to each object can help encourage reading.

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embracing your individual learner


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