How to help a child prepare for their SATS

I have been writing over at Letts Revision Guides about how to help a child prepare for their SATS.


How to help a child prepare for their SATS

How to help a child prepare for their SATS

Primary school SATs can be a controversial subject but no matter what you think of them your year 2 and year 6 children will be sitting them for the foreseeable future.

SATs are meant to show the progress your child has made at school. They are a record of your child’s attainment that can be passed on to their secondary school. SATs are also an indicator of how well your child’s school is doing. The school’s KS2 results are published nationally in league tables and can really impact a school’s profile.

At KS1 children barely know they are taking their SATs but at KS2 they are often very aware and preparation for them at school will be a lot more obvious. Many children will care that they do well in these tests and will do want to do their best.

As parents our role is to support them in this process, so they enter their assessments feeling confident, capable and relaxed.


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