How to Raise Children Using the Law of Attraction

How to Raise Children Using the law of Attraction is a guest feature.


Raise Children Using the law of Attraction

Practice using the law of attraction yourself. Your child will learn from seeing you use the law of attraction. Lead by example. Ask for what you want. Ask your children for what you want from them and ask the Universe. An example of how you might ask the universe: I intend to have a fun morning with my child, or I intend to hear only kind words from my child. I intend to see and hear good manners from my child.

Ask for what you want for your child. A word of warning here. Please, please remember that your child has his or her own path to follow and own desires for life. Asking for your child to make friends with the boy across the street is not for you to ask.

It may not be in your child’s best interest. Ask for more general things. Here are a few examples: I want my child to be strong and healthy. I want my child to be feel happy when he is apart from me. I want to see positive comments on my child’s grade card. I want my child to always feel confident to follow his dreams.

By asking this way you create a positive environment for your child to grow and create his own perfect life.

Encourage your child to ask for what they want. When my son tells me he wants something, I say “That’s great.” I let go of the ego part of me that thinks I have to go and get it for him. Sure, some things he tells me he wants I do get for him, but mostly I just acknowledge it and say “That’s great.” If he genuinely wants something he’ll attract it.

Open their minds to the world and what’s possible.

Read more about how it works here


Raise Children Using the law of Attraction

Visualize your child behaving the way you want

Allow children to believe absolutely anything is possible, no matter what. As I mentioned earlier, adults usually have quite a few negative blocks to deal with before they attract things they want. We have also been around a lot longer for all sorts of people to tell us what’s not possible. Even when you believe something is not possible, allow your child to believe anything is possible.

Watch out for negative words and thoughts. Stop, don’t, can’t, no, are all negative words. Some gurus will suggest you remove these from your vocabulary. Personally I think it’s the way they are used that matters. If you constantly tell your children to stop doing something without asking them to do what you do want, this is negative.

For sure if my child was about to do something really dangerous I’d yell stop! Whenever possible swap these words for positive words. Instead of saying “no,” could you change it to “yes, in 15 minutes?” It’s sometimes quite a challenge and you may need to get creative if your new to this. Just being aware of the things you say and think will make a difference. Remember you attract what you focus on.


Make a Thank You book

Using a plain notebook (as cheap or as expensive as you want) get your children to write, draw, stick picture in, etc, of all the things they are thankful for. Examples might be family members, toys, books, friends, pets, places they visit, teachers…

The book should be an ongoing project. When you visit a nice place you can suggest they put a leaflet or a photo of the place in their thank you book. Encourage your children to keep it somewhere they can look at it often. Also take time to look at it together and talk about all the wonderful things in your lives.



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