Spring Activities for Toddlers

Springtime can be beautiful with the blooming of flowers and the animals out to frolic in the sun. For parents, this is an opportunity to get the kids’ creativity flowing and do some fun crafts to embrace the springtime feel. Many fun and affordable crafts can be done with kids that will have your house feeling like spring all year round.



A Rainbow Collage


Spring activities for toddlers – Grass People

Children can create their own “grass person” in this craft that combines gardening with art. Using paints, markers and wiggly eyes, have children create a face on a Styrofoam cup or small pot.

Cover the bottom of the cup with small pebbles or rocks and top with potting soil to fill the cup to about half an inch from the top. Gently push the grass seeds into the soil and top with another thin layer of soil. Place the cup in a window sill where it will receive plenty of sunlight. As the grass grows, the face on the cup will appear to be growing hair.

Handprint Butterfly

This handprint butterfly craft is not only fun for children, but is a great way for parents and grandparents to preserve the memories of how small their child once was. Draw a large oval and small circle on a piece of paper and cut it out. These will be used to create the butterfly’s body and head, respectively. Trace three pairs of the child’s hands on colored construction paper and cut them out.

On a separate sheet of construction paper, assemble the butterfly by gluing three handprints on one side of the butterfly body and three handprints on the other side. This will create the wings for the butterfly. Glue the body and head down, centered on top of the handprint wings. Children can use crayons or markers to decorate their butterfly and add a face. Using small pieces of pipe cleaner, glue antennas to the top of the butterfly’s head.



Mother’s Day Photo Frame

What better way to celebrate springtime and Mother’s Day than to create a beautiful spring-themed picture frame to be given as a gift for mothers or grandmothers. Paint eight craft sticks any pastel color and allow to dry. Create a square using two craft sticks placed side by side for each side of the square. Glue the ends together to secure. Cut a piece of cardboard to cover the back of the frame and secure by gluing down the sides and bottom.

The top should be kept open in order to place a photo in the frame. Using green felt, cut out the stem and leaves of a flower and glue to the front of the frame. Cut three ovals from a piece of pink or red felt and layer over the stem to create the flower. Jewels, stickers or buttons can be used to decorate the frame as well.


A nature filled Easter egg – Spring activities for toddlers

A brilliant reason to go for a nature walk!


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