How to manage GCSE exam stress – 8 Top Tips

How to manage GCSE exam stress – all you need to know.

GCSE’s can bring with them a whole deal of stress. I have been writing over at Letts Revision Guides about this and sharing 10 top tips to dealing with exam stress.

I hope they help ….

 manage GCSE exam stress


How to manage GCSE exam stress

Your child’s first set of serious exams comes at the same time as hormonal changes, a new interest in relationships and increasing independence. There is much to distract and impact our children from their studies. Exams can seem stressful no matter what our age but for our 14-16 year old’s this is also a brand new experience and their results really do have an impact on their future. That’s pretty intense pressure.

So how can we help them through this time and make it as painless as possible?

Here are some tips.


Diet and how to manage GCSE exam stress

The NHS Living Well website says;

“Some parents find that too many high-fat, high-sugar and high-caffeine foods and drinks (such as cola, sweets, chocolate, burgers and chips) make their children hyperactive, irritable and moody.”

None of that will help them study!

Having a good diet really will impact your child’s ability to handle stress. They may just want to grab snacks as they study to give them quick energy bursts. However, it is more important than ever whilst studying that they eat a balanced and healthy diet. It is really helpful to keep them supplied with fruit, oatcakes and other healthy snack options and remind then to drink lots of water. Do provide regular balanced meals as usual and try and ensure they take a break for these. Avoid exam talk at the table or you could really put them off joining you!

Exercise and how to manage GCSE exam stress

Healthy bodies equal healthy minds and regular exercise is another must. Exercise boots energy levels and can relieve stress by clearing the mind and raising serotonin levels. Raised serotonin helps mood and memory so is very useful during exam time!

It’s also smart to give the body a good old shake about after all that sitting still revising to avoid stiffness. It is well worth encouraging our kids to stick at their sports despite their need to revise. It will help them enormously in so many ways, including sleep.


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