A Year of Nature Walks and Games – 52 Best Things to See and Do

A Year of Nature Walks and Games is my brand new book out today – written with my great friends and the expert garden blogger Catherine Hughes from Growing Family.

Creating this book has been a labour of love – and it felt so good to us to be outside playing, making, creating and observing we just know that all of you are going to enjoy this too.


A Year of Nature Walks and Games is a new activity book by Becky Goddard-Hill and Catherine Hughes


A Year of Nature Walks and Games – what is inside?

Our new book is for outdoor loving families  or those who just wish to get their kids outside more. It is  book is packed full of brilliant things to see and do in nature and includes 52 FREE and eco-friendly activities that promote kids physical and mental health.

These fun outdoor based activities follow the seasons and include, tree spotting, kite making, camping games, games with stones, walking games, stick games, nature journaling and oh so much more!

The book is packed with beautiful photographs to inspire and guide kids to complete these activities and we are so excited to hear what you think of it.

Our first reviewer was so positive!

This book features some fantastic inspiration to get kids, friends, and families into the great outdoors, and having a fantastic time while they do so!

The book is split into sections correlating with the seasons, and each season features a number of outdoor activities that are appropriate for the time of year, these include, but are by no means restricted to, stick games, foraging, scavenger hunts and creating out-door art!

The book is a high quality production with beautiful photographs throughout, I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone, particularly families with children.


I do hope you enjoy it. Nothing quite beats a childhood spent playing outside.


A Year of Nature Walks and Games

A Year of Nature Walks and Games book tour

Head this way to explore the other nature activities shared from our book on our blog book tour: Huge thanks to all the amazing bloggers who have taken part.


Rainy Day Homeschooling  28/9

Penny Reads  29/9

What the Redhead Said 30/9

Mummy Mummy Mum  1/10

Monkey and Mouse  2/10

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Rainy Day Mum  4/10

We’re Going on an Adventure  5/10

What Katy Said 6/10

Emma and 3 7/10


Becky and Catherine are also the authors of A Year of Nature Craft and Play,

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