You Grow Girl! The Complete No Worries Guide to Growing Up Review

You Grow Girl! is a useful, delightful and all out fabulous book by Dr. Zoe Williams. It made me smile and nod all the way through – it tackles all the stuff a girl needs to know as she goes through puberty yet doesn’t always get told. 

 It is a fabulous resource! As Holly Willoughby says on the cover – it is the book every girl needs.


You Grow Girl!


It covers it all

From changing bodies to changing relationships, skin , emotions period s and more all aspects of puberty are addresses and sensible clear advice is give to help as girls grwo into women.  Here’s a little exmple of great advice for a common issue wruitten in a really accessible style.



Who is Dr Zoe Williams?

Well she’s pretty awesome is Dr Zoe, the author of this book.  She’s a doctor on TV and in RL , she’s a mum and a few years ago she was a gladiator on TV oh and she’s a TV presenter too! More than that she is empathic, inclusive and a huge champion for m positive physical and mental health. She is absolutely the right person to write a book on puberty and helping girls to become the best version of themselves.

I actually got the chance to meet her a few weeks ago and she was really nice, unstarry, grounded, friendly and wise.

She is the perfect puberty companion and guru for our girls.


Dr Zoe Williams

You Grow Girl! – A book for every girl

The illustrations are colourful and engaging and show the glorious diversity of girls everywhere. Every girl will feel herself represented and considered through this wonderful book.


I highly recommend this great book – perfect for 9-12 year olds.


The one-stop handbook to help readers understand their bodies and feel empowered


Further reading

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